Board of Education

Having extensive public engagement and being accountable to parents and the community are central aspects of our Portfolio District approach. The Board of Education includes four (4) elected and five (5) appointed individuals; together, they are responsible for top-level, district-wide decisions that affect the direction and progress of our schools.
Board of Education meetings that are open to the public are posted on our Meeting Dates & Agendas page.

Five Core Beliefs      

We believe all students can learn at or above grade level.
We believe that the achievement gap must and can be eliminated, by all students reaching their learning potential.
We believe schools have an enormous impact on students’ lives.
We believe that all parents must be empowered to play an active role in their students’ education.
We believe that community collaboration is fundamental to achieving and sustaining excellence.

Our Board of Education members include:


Richard F. Wareing, Chairman

Richard F. Wareing was elected Chairman of the Board of Education by his colleagues on February 24, 2014. As Chairman, he is committed to improving the educational experience for all learners through increased parent and community engagement, improved culture and climate, reducing chronic absenteeism, providing better service to English language learners and children with special needs, and improving teaching and learning in all of Hartford’s schools.

He has lived and practiced law in Hartford since March, 1994. Presently with the firm of Natale & Wolinetz, he practices in the area of construction law and litigation and also in general commercial litigation, municipal law, and appellate litigation. He graduated with an AB in history, magna cum laude, from the College of the Holy Cross in 1990 and a JD, cum laude, from the Harvard Law School in 1993. Prior to joining the Board of Education in 2012, he was active on numerous boards and commissions, including the Metropolitan District Commission, two charter revision commissions, the Hartford Economic Development Commission and the Hartford Redevelopment Agency. He and his wife Rebecca live Downtown.

Beth A. Taylor, PhD

Beth A. Taylor, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut.  She is also the Director of Exercise Physiology Research in the Department of Cardiology at Hartford Hospital.  Dr. Taylor received her BS in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University and her PhD in Kinesiology from The Pennsylvania State University.  Her research areas include vascular function, aging and cardiovascular risk, focusing specifically on the interactions between pharmacological treatment, exercise and disease.  Dr. Taylor lives in the West End of Hartford with her two children, who attend Hartford Public Schools.

Craig Stallings, Secretary

Mr. Stallings has been a PTO president at two Hartford schools and was coordinator of the original governance council at Thirman Milner School. He has three children in the Hartford Public Schools. He has been co-owner and marketing manager for the Stallings Tax Service since 2006, as well as having worked out of the home as a customer service representative for Tele Tech, contracted to work for Bank of America. A graduate of Weaver High School, he has attended Capital and Manchester Community Colleges and the University of Hartford.

Michael Brescia

As a longtime teacher at Bulkeley High School and a resource teacher at the Hartford Adult Education, Mr. Brescia is a former member of the Hartford Federation of Teachers, with an M.Ed. from the University of Hartford and a B.S. from Central CT State College.

Robert Cotto, Jr.

Robert Cotto, Jr. is currently the Director of Urban Educational Initiatives at Trinity College and a Lecturer in the Educational Studies department. Before his work at Trinity, he was a Senior Policy Fellow in K-12 Education for CT Voices for Children where he published reports on Connecticut’s testing system, public school choice, and K-12 education data and policy. He taught for seven years as a social studies teacher at the Metropolitan Learning Center for Global and International Studies (MLC), an interdistrict magnet school intended to provide a high-quality education and promote racial, ethnic, and economic integration. Born and raised in Connecticut, Mr. Cotto was the first in his family to go to college and he earned his B.A. degree in sociology at Dartmouth College and his Ed.M. at Harvard University Graduate School of Education. He is serving his second term on the Hartford Board of Education and in the past has served as Secretary and Policy Committee Chair. Since returning back home to CT from college, Robert has lived in the Frog Hollow neighborhood and he recently moved to the Forster Heights area of the Southwest neighborhood.

Tiffany Glanville

Tiffany Glanville is an attorney by profession, most recently as a practitioner in housing and community development law in Chicago, Illinois.  She has practiced in Delaware and Pennsylvania as well and has additional experience in the areas of civil rights and employment discrimination law, criminal law and corporate litigation.  She has a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Afro-American Studies from Brown University.  Tiffany is also a Master Gardener.  She and her husband have children who attend a Hartford public neighborhood school.  During the past several years in Hartford, Tiffany has devoted her time to a range of civic and charitable work, including having served in the PTOs at two different Hartford schools and working in connection with various community gardening efforts in the city.

Karen Taylor

Karen Taylor is a parent and longtime resident of Hartford’s North End.  She has elementary school aged twins who attend a Hartford magnet school. Karen is a member of the Sheff Movement Coalition and the Greater Hartford NAACP. She is a proud graduate of Weaver High School and Trinity College's IDP program. As a former Hartford public school student and current parent of school aged children in the city, Karen is committed to supporting opportunities and excellence in education for Hartford children. She is most passionate about utilizing schools as a vehicle to improve quality of life, self-awareness, and civic engagement.

Karen earned her B.A. from Trinity College in Educational Studies with honors. Her area of concentration was social class, race, and inequality. She has produced award-winning research on the nuances of Hartford parent-school involvement, a subject very near to her heart. At the University of Hartford Magnet School, she serves on the Teacher Appreciation Committee and is the Parent Representative on the School Climate and Culture Committee. Ms. Taylor works as a program coordinator at Trinity College and is an excited participant in Leadership Greater Hartford's 2016 Quest class. She also has the incredible honor of serving as advisor to Trinity College Black Women's Organization. Of all her roles, she is most proud of her duties as mother and resident chef to her twinners, Miles and Gabrielle.