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Choice Overview

Being part of an all Choice System of Schools means that families are able to select from a wide variety of school options, models and themes that best fit the interest and learning style of their child.  While the “Choice” or school selection process can seem overwhelming, right here at your fingertips NOW is a tool that will help you get started.  

Before you get started, watch this animation on the School Selection Process in nine simple steps:
Also, review the Future Guide here as it was developed to assist you with finding the BEST school for your child.
What is the Hartford Public Schools Office of School Choice? 
The Hartford Public Schools Office of School Choice manages and oversees the marketing, recruitment, and application process for all Hartford Public Schools. Specifically, the Office conducts the Hartford District Choice Lottery for the Hartford Public Schools and facilitates the placement of students into district schools.  
The Office works in collaboration with the Hartford Public School’s Welcome Center and various community partners such as Achieve Hartford to ensure that families are well-versed in the school selection process, including knowing their school options and understanding the lottery process.
In addition, the Office of School Choice works closely with the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) to ensure Hartford families are well-informed of all available school options and lottery application processes. 
For a complete guide to the Choice process including a full directory of all Hartford Public Schools, download the 

FUTURE GUIDE HEREIn English or en español.

Questions or concerns may be directed to Choice office staff or the Director of School Choice:
Enid M. Rey, Esq.
Office of School Choice
Hartford Public Schools
960 Main Street, 8th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
O: 860.695.8876
What is the Regional School Choice Office (RSCO)?
The Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) is a division of the State Department of Education. The Office of School Choice works in partnership with RSCO to ensure that families in the Greater Hartford region have access to quality, integrated educational options offered through the RSCO’s Magnet and Open Choice Lottery. Hartford Magnet School placements are conducted through the RSCO. Hartford residents may apply to both the Hartford District Choice and RSCO lotteries. 
A description of the Hartford Public Schools Magnet Schools can be found by clicking here.
Questions or concerns may be direct to the RSCO Parent Center:
Regional School Choice Office (RSCO)
165 Capitol Avenue, Room 360
Hartford CT, 06106
Who is eligible to apply to the Hartford District Choice Lottery?
All children entering Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 12 are eligible to apply to the Hartford District Choice Lottery. Students in transitional grades are required to apply and are placed first, as they must change schools in the coming 2015-2016 school year. Children in non-transitional grades can also apply, however seats are limited and placement is not guaranteed. 
Transitional grades: entry grades of a school (Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten), or the last grade in a school (child attends a Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 8 school and is currently in the 8th grade)
Non-transitional grades: grades which fall in between the entry and last grade of a school (for instance, a student attends a 9-12 school and is currently in the 10th grade)
Who is able to submit a Hartford District Choice application?
Only the parents/legal guardians of the child can complete the district choice application.  
Parent/guardians who want to enter more than one child into the Choice Lottery are required to submit an application for each child. 
When does the Hartford District Choice Lottery begin? What is the deadline for submitting an application?
The 2015-2016 Hartford District Choice Lottery application season opens Friday, November 15, 2014 and the deadline for completing applications is Friday, February 27, 2015. This year, families with students in transitional and non-transitional grades will apply during the same lottery time period.


or visit https://hpschoice.com/apply/

Hartford District Choice Office  960 Main Street—1st Floor to complete a placement request form
o    There is NO HPS Choice Guarantee for families who miss or come after the lottery process.     
o    Family who arrive after the lottery application season closes will receive an assigned placement in a HPS District School that has seats available at the grade requested  



Regional School Choice Magnet Lottery

o    Complete a LATE paper application during Monday, March 2, 2015 - Friday, March 31, 2015
o    If after March 31, 2015, then the family must apply the following year
o    No HPS Magnet School placements are made beyond October 1st

What is the HPS CHOICE Guarantee?

HPS District Choice Guarantees that a student in a transitional grade will be placed in ONE of the FOUR school options selected on their application.  This guarantee does not apply to any magnet schools, non-transitional grades or to families who arrive after the lottery period has closed.

RSCO Magnet School lottery does not guarantee a seat at a magnet school.  Therefore Hartford resident families must complete the HPS District Choice Application to ensure that the student receives a seat at an HPS school they are a transitional student (entering or in their last grade.) 


What types of schools are available to me?

Hartford Public Schools has the largest menu of school types and theme-based options in the Greater Hartford area!  Click here to view the network of school options:    In English or en español.

Still have questions? Contact us at:

Hartford Public Schools Office of School Choice, 860-695-8876

Office of School Choice Staff at the RSCO Office, 860-713-6991