Our Schools

It is true that we operate school buildings. But while our buildings are important, they are just the beginning of what makes up Hartford Public Schools. Our schools are about the people who walk through the doors every day, ready to be a part of an active, engaged community of learners. Learn more about what shapes these individual communities by reviewing our list of schools.


For Every Student

Hartford Public Schools embraces all types of students (even adults!). By supporting a full range of quality school choices, we enable students to be matched with a classroom experience suited to what they want to learn, and how they are able to learn it best. A system known as student-based budgeting helps us distribute resources fairly to students across the district. Each student receives funding based on educational needs, and that funding follows the student to whatever school she or he attends.

Choosing Partnerships

Our schools have the autonomy to build their own partnerships, so that different schools can address specific educational themes (such as the Journalism and Media Academy's partnership with Connecticut Public Broadcasting). When an individual school community can make its own decisions, it becomes more accountable for them. Hartford Public Schools has established standards in areas such as early reading, middle years academic growth indicators, and high school and college readiness. We will continually measure ourselves against these targets and openly communicate the results with students, families, and our community.

Because it is the students, families, and the community who make our schools what they are. And what they will become.