Jumoke Academy at Milner

One School - One Sound - Excellence!

This tagline reinforces the vision of Family Urban Schools of Excellence (FUSE): Urban learning communities of distinction that, through rigor and cultural affirmation, deliver on the promise of excellence and empowerment for generations of scholars. Embracing the philosophy of Jumoke – “a child is loved” – the mission of FUSE is to prepare children to successfully compete in the global market place, overcoming any cultural, social or economic challenges.
Jumoke Academy at Milner strives to create a strong family and community connection; a positive school environment, including non-school factors; effective leadership, effective teachers and staff; an effective curriculum and instruction program; effective use of time; and effective use of data to inform decision-making.  

As a member of the newly-created Commissioner’s Network, Milner’s school design was formed in partnership with the state, parents, teachers and community members, and is modeled after the highly-successful Jumoke Academy charter organization.  

Grades Served : PK4 - 8
Type : Elementary
Zone : Zone 2
Before Care : Provided by Catholic Charities
After School Programs : Provided by Catholic Charities
Special Features and Highlights
• More instructional time during the school year and during the summer months.
• A leadership team composed of a principal, an associate principal, a family and community coordinator and senior staff from Family Urban Schools of Excellence, the charter management organization responsible for the replication of the Jumoke model.
• The addition of 20 academic assistants to be instructional partners to the teachers, thereby lowering the student-to-staff ratio from 12 students to one adult to eight students to one adult.
• A room parent to support each classroom.
• Intensive training for parents and staff in the Jumoke method.
• Community-School programming, including an after-school program aligned to instruction.
• Additional supports for Milner’s growing population of English Language Learners.
• A continuing oversight and monitoring role for the Milner Turnaround Committee to track progress and provide feedback.
What People Are Saying
Students Say : "I am excited about the changes at the school. I want people to say good things about my school, and I want people to know that we are smart."
Parents Say : "I have been with Milner since my older daughter attended. She is 23 now. I know that with Jumoke, the expectations are being raised for children. As a parent, I'm trying to do my best and I want to help the school do well."
Teachers Say :  "I believe in the students at Milner and want to see them achieve great things. As a product of the neighborhood, I came back to give the students what they need in a way that will help them see the world beyond their neighborhood and remind them how important it is to give right back to that same place."
8:45 am - 4:00 pm
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The uniform for Jumoke Academy at Milner School includes navy blue or khaki pants/skirts/skorts, button-up shirts, blazer and tie. The uniform is designed to encourage students to recognize that how they present them to society will influence how they are perceived.
Karen Lott
Principal Email
(860) 695-4380
104 Vine Street, Hartford, CT 06112; Thirman L. Milner Elementary School