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Teachers' Stories Project Student Filmmaker Lemuel Hall

I am Lemuel Hall. I was born In California, but I am from Hartford. I was raised on the north end of the city all my life. I grew up around Albany Avenue. I went to the Martin Luther King Jr School then to the Journalism & Media Academy at Weaver. I can be completely honest and say that I didn’t want to go to this school because it was at Weaver at the time with the worst reputation. In my years throughout school I can say I’ve met plenty of interesting people, not everyone that I met I’m guaranteed to remember their names - but I will remember their faces. As a student I know I can do great things if I put my best foot forward. I am going to graduate from JMA and go to college for business management. And five years from now I will be the CEO of my own company.

Teachers' Stories Project  Student Filmmaker Shamoya Hanson

My name is Shamoya Hanson, I was born in Hayes Clarendon, Jamaica. I am the youngest of my three siblings. I live in a very quiet part of Hartford, there’s never much happening in my area so I’ve become quite accustomed to a calmer lifestyle. Most of my time is spent at home with my family. I participate in three sports: volleyball, basketball, and tennis. I am a very outgoing person; I’m very friendly and love getting involved.  Academically I am very driven, I’ve been taught since I was younger that education is the key to everything - no words are truer. Attending JMA has been a pleasant experience, I have met so many amazing people and learned so much. The technology here is amazing and the freedom is even better. I’m almost at the end here at JMA and then it’ll be on to college, after that, the start of the rest of my life.


Teachers' Stories Project Student Filmmaker Shyiann Johnson

My name is Shyiann Johnson and I’m a senior at the Journalism and Media Academy.  I have thirteen brothers and seven sisters. I don’t play any sports but I love to read, sing and listen to music. My biggest dream is to go to college at CCSU and become a Special Education teacher. My major is going to be Special Education and my minor is ASL. (American Sign Language) I have a real passion for helping people who have disabilities because members of my family have them. The personal satisfaction I get when I help people like that makes me feel amazing.

Teachers' Stories Project Student Filmmakers Odane Campbell & Elijah Williams

Odane Campbell

My name is Odane Campbell. I am a senior and a member of the Student Council. After high school, my plan is to spend two years at a community college then transfer to a four-year University and further my education by studying pre-med. I love sports. I love to help and try different things. I enjoy acting and making someone laugh and whenever they are having a really bad day, I try to cheer them up, even if I don’t know that person. I was born in Jamaica. All of my family is from Jamaica and for them to get over here, so that I could be here, was a difficult struggle. Now I’m here I want to make good use of every opportunity that comes my way.

Elijah Williams

Hi, I’m Elijah Williams. I was born in Hartford, however, I was raised in Atlanta. I now live with my grandparents and my uncle in Hartford. I would describe my high school years as consistent and hardworking. My most memorable class is Ms. Fitzgerald’s English class. I say that because I feel as if she was the main teacher that helped me succeed throughout my sophomore year. Ms. Fitzgerald has been an influential teacher throughout my high school life because she taught me to live life freely but also get a proper education.  I love music. My career goal is to be a successful audio engineer. I see myself ten years from now being a successful worldwide music engineer and most likely owning my own business. I would like my business to help misunderstood youth enjoy, play and create music and help make their dreams come true.

Teachers' Stories Project Student Filmmaker Edward Agron

My name is Edward Agron, I was born at St. Francis Hospital. I have two younger sisters.  I was raised in the south end of Hartford and moved north of Hartford at the age of 7. The area I live in now is ok, I wouldn’t say it is the ghetto but it’s quiet. and I mean quiet, to the point you can hear the next door neighbor having a conversation. As a student of JMA I would say I am fun and I like meeting new faces. I also have great relationships with the staff members besides the teachers.JMA is a wonderful school and what I like about it most is how small it is.  You don’t see like 300 to 400 students walking around. Second, I love learning about the equipment and learning how to work with the equipment.  I see myself in 5 years from now having my life settled, working, and making money.