Student Athletes Honored by CAS-CIAC

Student Athletes Honored by CAS-CIAC

More than three hundred fifty senior student athletes were to be honored as CIAC Scholar Athletes at the 37th Annual CAS-CIAC Scholar Athlete Banquet on May 3rd. The event is the largest of the many honors programs CAS-CIAC hosts each year. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 the event has been cancelled but we still want to recognize them and this honor as it’s most deserved.

The Scholar Athlete program recognizes two high school senior student-athletes – one boy and one girl – from each member high school whose academic and athletic careers have been exemplary, whose personal standards and achievement are a model to others and who possess high levels of integrity, self-discipline and courage.


Ta Mala Htoo of HPHS

In the senior class Ta Mala is ranked at number 5 and Joaneshly is ranked at number 2.  They have earned many varsity letters through their four years at our school and have impeccable grades.

This year’s award winners from Weaver High School are Olivia Deleon and Ellis Diaz (from Global Communications Academy.)

Bulkeley High School’s Scholar Athletes are Abedin Abedini, Boys Soccer and Volleyball, and Zaida Cotto, Girls Volleyball.

HMTCA’s Scholar Athlete Winners are Abigail Rogers and Benjamin Chasse.

Please congratulate them all on this tremendous honor!

Additionally, the CIAC will be highlighting Weaver High Schools Olivia Deleon’s inspiring story of the obstacles she has overcome during her high school experience and how her participation in athletics has helped mold her into the person she is today.  Olivia’s story will air as part of a Scholar Athlete special airing May 3rd at 6:30pm on Fox61.