29 HPS Seniors Earn Diplomas Through Summer Programming and Additional Supports

29 HPS Seniors Earn Diplomas Through Summer Programming and Additional Supports

Executive Director of Post-Secondary Success & Alternative Programming Dr. Fallon Daniels (l) with Anthem Singer and Kinsella Graduate Lithaicha Liz Lopez-Escobar

Hartford Public Schools is committed to supporting the Whole Student and ensures that each student is engaged in an excellent education and receives all the additional academic and social-emotional supports needed. During the summer of 2022, Hartford Public Schools provided a free summer Credit Recovery program to support students in grades 9 through 12 in recovering course credit they might have lost during the regular academic year; allowing them to remain as closely on track as possible with their graduating class cohort.

Event producers Elvis Minga, Dr. Madeline Negrón, and Katelin Jacobs

At the Hartford Public Schools Summer Graduation ceremony on Friday, July 29, 2022, at Weaver High School, 29 students received their diplomas. Graduates are from schools including: Bulkeley High School, Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, Hartford Public High School, Great Path Academy, Kinsella Magnet, Pathways Academy of Technology & Design, and Sport and Medical Sciences, University High School of Science & Engineering, and Weaver High School. Some of the graduates received additional supports from their school’s Student Success Center.

Speakers included Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, Director of College & Career Readiness Dr. Fallon Daniels and Board Member Francoise Deristel-Leger.

Our presenters of diplomas from left to right, include Chief Academic Officer Dr. Madeline Negrón, SMSA Prinicpal Alion Giuliani, HPHS Principal Flora Padro, Director of College & Career Readiness Dr. Fallon Daniels, Board Member Francoise Deristel-Leger, Pathways Principal Mike Maziarz, Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez, Weaver Vice-Principal Joshua Hall, Assistant Director of Extended Day/ Year Katelin Jacobs, Great Path Principal  Jessica Fitzgerald, Kinsella Principal Ken O’Brien, HMTCA Principal Julie Goldstein, and Bulkeley HS. 

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