A Message about National School Counseling Week

A Message about National School Counseling Week

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

This week, February 3-7, 2020, is National School Counseling Week. On behalf of everyone at Hartford Public Schools, I’d like to express our deepest appreciation for all that school counselors do to ensure the success of our students and families.

School counselors contribute to the continuum of supports that our students need to achieve academically and graduate ready for college. In partnership with teachers, staff, and administrators, school counselors help students pursue their academic goals, their social and personal development, as well as specific career pathways. They also collaborate with our families to foster their children’s educational, personal, and social growth.

In support of the whole child, in and outside of school, our school counselors identify and utilize community resources that enhance their counseling programs. They work hard to make our students feel safe and valued so they can reach their full potential.

Let’s celebrate our amazing school counselors. Their effort and commitment ensure that all of our beautiful and capable students are prepared for excellence in school, college, and life.


In appreciation,


Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez