A New Twist on the Open House at Fred D. Wish School

SPOTLIGHT on EXCELLENCE     Issue 18     October 26th, 2012

A New Twist on the Open House at Fred D. Wish School

On Thursday, September 28th, the Fred D. Wish School held its annual Open House for parents; however, this was no ordinary Open House! On this night not only did parents have the opportunity to meet the staff and teachers, they were also treated to an “evening at the museum” as they toured the classrooms that were curated by students to become mini museums.  From the garden and globe museums to the collectable and season museums, visitors strolled through the halls taking in the exhibits from over 20 classes.  “This was unlike any other Open House I have been to,” said Clara Ellis whose son is a 7thgrader and exhibited a map of his neighborhood as part of the “Map Museum”.  “There was a huge turnout by parents and children and so much positive energy running through the building, it truly was the most exciting Open House I have ever been to!” 


7thgrader, Donovan Ellis with his neighborhood map


7thgraders Marrai Roberts and Keaonna Henry with their fruit and vegetable exhibit for the Garden Museum.

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