Academy of Engineering & Green Technology Hosts HPHS Earth Day Clean-up

Academy of Engineering & Green Technology Hosts HPHS Earth Day Clean-up

Published on May 5, 2016

The night of 4/21 Mother Earth rewarded the HPHS students and volunteers who were
scheduled to celebrate her cleanup the next morning, by providing soft moist soil in which
to work. Even the thunder and lightening was her way of saying welcome.

And welcomed they were on Saturday, as more than 100 showed up for this annual event.
Led by Mr. David Mangus a teacher from the Academy of Engineering and Green
Technology, and Mr. Maziarz the principal, they split into teams to take on a variety of
environmental projects that include litter pick-up from the campus and surrounding
neighborhoods, bulb planting & weeding as well as building a picnic table for the Little
Owls Daycare.

And of course Adam Ney & Dayl Walker, both from CBIA were not just
present, but seemingly everywhere at once keeping the students focused and motivated. But
more than that, they serve as examples to the students, and as mentors. Both Mr. Mangus
and Mr. Maziarz are firm believers that no student’s education is complete if they have not
learned the importance of stewardship of the environment and the habit of volunteering.
It’s also good to know that they encourage participation from the public. There were adult
and teen volunteers there from Glastonbury and Avon, and there was still plenty of work
to go around.

This is only the first half of the annual cleanup effort that is organized by the Academy of
Engineering and Green Technology. In early fall they’ll be doing Green Apple Day in a
similar fashion. You’ll hear more about it in the News & Views along with ways that you
can get involved.

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