Achieve Hartford!’s 6th Annual Spelling Bee October 19th



Issue 15   September 14, 2012


Achieve Hartford!’s Sixth Annual
Community Spelling Bee Set for October 19th

Achieve Hartford!’s Sixth Annual Community Spelling Bee will take place on Friday, October 19th from 7-9pm at the Theater of the Performing Arts at The Learning Corridor, , 359 Washington Street, Hartford. We want you to Bee there!

ORGANIZE YOUR SCHOOL TEAM NOW! The word list has been posted, team registration is open, and the stage is set for a lively competition! 

We invite all 14 high schools to field at least one team of three students to compete in this friendly academic competition!  There are  great prizes to “bee” won….not only for best spellers, but also for most clever team name, best costume and most team spirit (so bring your cheering section!).

We hope that teachers, coaches, mentors and parents will encourage teams to form now and provide support as students prepare. The Community Spelling Bee is Achieve Hartford!’s annual fundraising event that provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for the Hartford community to come together in celebration of education.  The Bee is a program that supports student achievement and fosters community support for learning. It is a lively fun filled event that attracts over 120 participants and more than 300 spectators and fans to cheer on their favorite teams.

Funds raised from the Bee will help support our programs that are having a positive impact for parents and children in Hartford.  These programs include:
• SmartChoices and our Choice Education Program that assists families in navigating the complex school choice process in Hartford
•  Our Parent Workshops which are preparing parents to be strong advocates for their children’s education.
The Bee

Up to forty teams of three people each, high school age and older, participate in a friendly and lively competition to spell increasingly difficult words.   Student teams will compete against each other and adults will do the same. There will be student team finalist and an adult team finalist.  For the final round, the finalists of the student division and the adult division will compete for the grand prize.

Please visit our  to download the word list now, and to view photos from prior years and a get a feel for the excitement that is generated at the Bee.
Achieve Hartford! advocates that a long-term approach is essential to creating lasting change – and ultimately a community acceptance that continually demands great educational outcomes – impacting the lives of all 23,000 students in Hartford. Our goal is to see an annual 4 percentage point increase in student performance, a graduation rate that consistently increases annually, and a school system that prepares students for college and career success.
Why is this important? A high school graduate earns $.5 million more than a dropout over a lifetime. A college degree brings $1.2 million more. Those incomes buy very different kinds of lives.
Why you should care? 60% of the Hartford Public School budget is funded by the State of CT.  This is a pocketbook issue for all citizens and CT based businesses no matter if they live outside the city limits or don’t have children in the Hartford Public Schools.

Not only is it a moral obligation to the 23,000 children in Hartford, but our economic and civic well-being is dependent on a school district that prepares students who will perform and be able to compete in the region’s future workforce.

For more information about Achieve Hartford! and the Community Spelling Bee, please visit our website, or contact Margaret Tilney at or at 860-244-3333.

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