Actor Kevin Bacon Visits Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy to Bolster Student Trip

(November 4th, 2015) Actor Kevin Bacon visited the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy and spent 45 minutes with a group of 17 Language Transition Services students. Mr. Bacon is in Hartford to perform in Rear Window at the Hartford Stage. During his visit he announced that his foundation, is making a $3,000 donation to the school.

The Six Degrees Foundation (Six was founded by Kevin Bacon to connect people/groups in need to those who can help. The foundation’s website states, “You’ve probably heard of the Six Degrees concept. Any one person (including me, Kevin Bacon) is connected to any other person through six or fewer relationships, because it’s a small world. is about using this idea to accomplish something good. It’s social networking with a social conscience.”

Jennifer Mancone, an Language Transition Services (LTS) teacher at HMTCA, applied for a grant a year ago to provide her students with the opportunity to visit Disney World in Orlando, FL. Many of her students have never been on an airplane or out of state. Last year 11 students had the opportunity to participate. This year’s donation will be used to help support 13 LTS students make the trip. Ms. Mancone works tirelessly throughout the year to make this trip possible for her students. The total cost of the trip is $6,500.

Disney World provides classes that make the trip both educational and fun. An example is exploring the physics of Space Mountain by letting the students see it with the lights on and then feeling the motion sensations it creates in the dark.

The students that Ms. Mancone serves do not speak English as their first language. At HMTCA, English Language Learning (ELL) is called LTS. The students are immersed in English at school.  Ms. Mancone helps the students with vocabulary acquisition, language development and improving their ability to speak English for social and academic purposes. 

Mr. Bacon asked to meet with students who went on the Disney trip last year and those who will be going this year.  There were 17 students who had the privilege of speaking with him.

NBC News also covered the story.  See it here.

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