AETNA Tableau and Data Analytics spurs UHSSE School Robotics team to greater success!

AETNA Tableau and Data Analytics spurs UHSSE School Robotics team to greater success!

Published on May 17, 2016


Members from the AETNA Tableau Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BICOE) recently volunteered to help University High School of Science and Engineering,  robotics team (1991 Dragons) learn Tableau Desktop software in order to assist them in their robotics competitions.  

Tableau Desktop Software enables drag & drop data analysis and supports people’s natural ability to think visually. 

Robotic Competition

The UHSSE students annually compete in FIRST robotics competitions. Teams raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. During this year’s competitions, teams formed alliances of three teams to compete against other alliances to breach their opponent’s defenses and capture their tower. This year the teams were provided with Tableau software to help them scout other robots to align with during the competition.

Tableau BICOE Involvement

Kanan Shah, Selasie Krampa and Racheal Leahy from Aetna’s Tableau BICOE visited the magnet school once a week for around month spending 2-3 hours each night to help the student’s ramp up. They quickly dived into creating a visual prototype to demonstrate Tableau’s capabilities. One of the most important aspects of creating good visuals is knowing your data. The students thought through this and created an Access database for the team to use.  Once the data structure and metrics were decided upon, Tableau visualizations started the real fun!

Tableau’s Impact

The students had a vision for how they would select their alliances, but needed the BICOE teams help putting together the visuals that would determine the best possible alliance options. Through great collaboration, the BICOE team and the 1991 Dragon team put together two dashboards with all the teams’ metrics using heat map visualizations. Heat maps are a great visual for quickly seeing the data that is important based on positioning and color. The good teams were immediately visible to the students because of their green coloring and high table position. Students could then weigh the pros and cons of each team selecting the teams that would complement their robot the most.

Robotic Team Results

1991 Dragons competed in 2 Connecticut competitions placing very well in both! They were recently selected to attend the World Robotics Competition in St. Louis and drove out there on Tuesday April 26t.! It was a pleasure for the AETNA Tableau BICOE team to work with such intelligent, interested and motivated students, many of which will be graduating to attend college in a month. A big thanks to Deb Lagana of AETNA Operations & Technology Finance who put together and supported this engagement. It was a pleasure for the Tableau BICOE team to experience the world of robotics and work with these bright students and see how data analytic tools, like Tableau, can assist in all aspects of life.

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