American Red Cross Thanks Principal David Chambers of HPHS Nursing Academy

SPOTLIGHT On EXCELLENCE    Issue 24     March 2013

American Red Cross Thanks Principal David Chambers of HPHS Nursing Academy

On February 22, 2013 the American Red Cross thanked our Principal, David Chambers of HHS Nursing Academy for his assistance with the following letter:

"On behalf of the American Red Cross,  I would like to thank you, your tremendous team and your amazing students for supporting State Representative Diana Urban's bill for 16 year olds to donate blood in Connecticut.

Shazeda Bacchus' testimony  was very impressive and deservedly received a very positive reaction from the Children Committee of the State of Connecticut General Assembly, as well as from all of us listening in the audience.  Shazeda is clearly a very intelligent young woman with a bright future ahead.  We are grateful to her for being so thoughtful and timely in writing her testimony and so effective in its delivery.
All of the students who participated yesterday were remarkable and are a shining example of the very best of our youth.  I was impressed by how engaged, respectful, friendly, interested and supportive all of the students were throughout the day.  We were happy to hear of Miranda Warren's  interest in the possibility of considering a political career.
Your testimony was excellent and very powerful because it was delivered by you, respected  leader and  Principal in Hartford.  The Committee was clearly impressed that you took time from your busy day and we, at the American Red Cross, remain most grateful! 
We will be addressing with the Committee some of the concerns raised against this bill and are hoping we can soon join all of our neighboring states in allowing 16 year olds to donate.
Thank you also to  the faculty members Melanie Tokerz and Mike Suppicich that attended yesterday.  It was a pleasure meeting and talking with them.  Thanks also to Deb Blazys for her support and to Gina Graham for her work arranging bus transportation, a very important element to a successful trip!
Thank you for your continued support at our blood drives and throughout the year."
Elaine St. Peter, Communications Program Manager, Department of Marketing and Communications, American Red Cross, Connecticut Blood Services Region – Northeast Division
For more information, please contact Elaine St. Peter, at (860) 284-7001 (office) or

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