Hartford Performs


Hartford Performs is a collaborative network of Hartford Public Schools, arts providers, community organizations, funders and other supporters working together in a planned and integrated way to deliver quality arts education programs to Hartford Public School students.

Developed out of the recommendations of the 2009 Hartford Public School’s Task Force on the State of the Arts, Hartford Performs is constantly growing and evolving every year in order to work toward its vision of providing arts education programs to every Hartford Public School student through arts integration, in-school arts instruction, and out-of-school arts programming.

As of the 2016-17 schhol year, Hartford Performs supports arts integration programming for students in all of Hartford’s PreK-Grade 8 school, and looks forward to developing arts integration programming for HPS high schools in the near future.

Hispanic Flamenco Ballet – one of the artists on the Hartford Performs roster can be seen in the video below.


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Contact Information:


Tracy Avicolli
Director of the Arts & Wellness


Kara Arnold
Curriculum Specialist –
ELA and Arts & Wellness