Little Kids Rock


Little Kids Rock is a national nonprofit organization whose mission is to give every child the opportunity to “unlock their  inner music-maker.” In October 2014, Little Kids Rock partnered with SpreadMusicNow and donated musical instruments to over 20 schools in the Hartford Public Schools. This was also done as part of the launch of a new instrumental music education program called Modern Band.

Modern Band music programs teach the popular styles of the past 60 years as a complement to existing programs such as jazz band, choral programs, marching band, and orchestral music. In February 2015, Hartford Public School teachers took part in Level I and Level II training sessions to learn how to implement Modern Band in their classrooms. The program is expected to provide music lessons to over 3,200 Hartford students.

In May 1015, audiences were treated to a rocking performance by M.D. Fox School’s Little Kids Rock music students (pictured above) before they presented them with new instruments, including guitars, amps and keyboards! These instruments were the first of 170 instruments that will be delivered to 5 Hartford public schools to support music education. The partnership will also provide ongoing support through Little Kids Rock to music teachers in 27 Hartford public schools, impacting more than 5,700 public school students, and contributing approximately 2,300 hours of music instruction!

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Tracy Avicolli
Director of the Arts & Wellness


Kara Arnold
Curriculum Specialist –
ELA and Arts & Wellness