Family & Community Engagement Committee

Chair: Yahaira Escribano
Members:  AJ Johnson, Shonta Browdy, Tyrone Walker
HPS Staff Liaison: Nuchette Black-Burke

The committee will review and assess indicators of parent and community engagement practices, review the results of an annual customer satisfaction survey, and review and assess constituent service reports – so as to make recommendations to the Board and the Superintendent. Additionally, the committee will work closely with the appropriate staff to monitor the functioning of school governance councils, as well as establish and monitor policies and processes that promote more effective engagement that is linked to teaching and learning between families, schools, students, the Board, and the system. This committee also informs planning strategies, topics, timelines, and other matters related to Board and community dialogues as pertaining to the Board’s outreach to stakeholders and the district’s partnerships with families and communities.

Finance & Audit Committee

Chair: Kimberly Oliver
Members: Yahaira Escribano, Dr. Jim Shmerling, Tyrone Walker

This committee will deal with matters pertaining to the development and recommendation of the school system budget to the Board, review and maintenance of a five-year financial forecast, and monitoring of financial affairs of the Board of Education. The Committee will recommend to the Board budget modifications, adhering to board policy, based on financial analyses and the needs of the system, review contracting practices, ensure that budget allocations & expenditures reflect the system’s priorities as informed by the strategic operating plan, oversee and review the school system audit, and serve as an advocacy body on behalf of the district at the local and state level.

Policy Committee

Chair: AJ Johnson
Members: Francoise Deristel-Leger, Yahaira Escribano, Dr. Jim Shmerling, Tyrone Walker
HPS Staff Liaison: Dr. Bethany Silver

This committee is responsible for the biannual review of all policies and recommendations or revisions for Board of Education Policies. In addition this committee addresses matters pertaining to the development and recommendation of policies for the Board and its bylaws. The committee monitors the implementation of Board policies, and continuously stays abreast local, state and federal laws and regulations to determine and apply implications for Hartford Public Schools’ policy development and revisions. The committee works closely with the appropriate staff to draft new or refined policies, processes and protocols that are brought to the full Board and Superintendent for any formal action to be conducted. On an as-needed basis, the committee shall advise the Board of Education on matters directly affecting employees of the school system. Issues and referrals related to human resources come primarily from the superintendent of schools, and include the adoption and implementation of policies and practices to recruit, develop and retain a diverse, cultural competent and highly effective staff—in order to ensure equity and excellence in achieving Board and system goals and objectives.

School Choice & Facilities Committee (Ad Hoc)

Ad-Hoc Committee

HPS Staff Liaison: Sherri Davis-Googe

The Facilities Committee will focus on topics in the areas of: facilities master planning, school (re)design, construction and maintenance, public use of facilities, attendance area studies, transportation, and state/federal legislation that impact school facilities, enrollment and equity. This committee will review educational design specifications for new incubated, redesigned, consolidated, co-located and magnet schools. The committee will also review proposals regarding facility usage and building location of the aforementioned schools, and the annually updated Capital Improvement Plan, prior to submission to the City of Hartford.

Teaching & Learning Committee

Chair:  Françoise Deristel-Leger
Members: Shontá Browdy, Kimberly Oliver, Yvette Bello
HPS Staff Liaison: Dr. Madeline Negron

The committee shall advise the Board of Education on matters relating to teaching and learning, including the instructional programs used in the district’s schools and their relevance and alignment to the local contexts. Specific responsibilities of the committee shall be: to work cooperatively with the superintendent and appropriate staff to monitor and assess instructional programs and professional learning that are aligned with student needs and achievement—in order to ensure equity and excellence; and, to monitor as needed progress, outcomes, and the effectiveness of the curriculum and teaching and learning practices in achieving Board and system goals and objectives, as articulated by the district’s strategic operating plan.

Human Resources Committee (Ad Hoc)

Chair: Philip Rigueur
Members: AJ Johnson, Yahaira Escribano, Kimberly Oliver
HPS Staff Liaison: Dr. Tiffani Curtis