Below are various versions of Hartford Public Schools logos that are downloadable. After you click on the link or the image of the logo, a new tab will appear with the downloadable logo. Please right click on the image in the new tab and choose the option “Save As”.

Please refer to the Branding Style Guidelines below regarding acceptable and unacceptable usage of the HPS logo.

JPEG Logos

Good for:

  • Email signature
  • Low-resolution work
  • Programs/software that does not support PNG’s
  • Websites (please use a high-resolution version!)
  • When use of the logo does not require a transparent background

PNG Logos

Good for most:

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • High-resolution work
  • Instances in which a transparent background is necessary in the logo
  • Letters, Presentations, & Documents

If you need SVG or EPS logos for very high resolution printing, e.g., t-shirts, bags, billboards, ads on a CT Transit bus, please contact David Draxyl at

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