Bulkeley Bulldog Alumnus to Receive Monument Marker

Bulkeley Bulldog Alumnus to Receive Monument Marker

The Bulkeley High School Hall of Fame has planned for a monument marker, pictured at right, to be placed at Bulkeley High School to honor and remember Michael Curry, Class of 1976 who had been inducted into the Bulkeley Hall of Fame.

On November 11, 2015 at the young age of 58, Michael Curry died unexpectedly at Doctors Hospital in the city of Columbus, Ohio where Michael worked for the Department of Public Services. He adored his wife and he loved his family, and he loved working for the city of Columbus. Michael was an outstanding athlete at Bulkeley High School from 1972-1976. He was a three sport athlete in football, indoor track, and outdoor track; he was awarded a total of eleven varsity letters. He was voted, Best Senior Athlete in 1976, by the coaches. Coach Vertefeuille, (also known as Coach “V”) said, “Michael is the fastest sprinter in the school’s history from 1926-2018, ninety-two years.”

Michael was an outstanding running back on the varsity football team and an outstanding indoor track sprinter. In 1976 Michael ran the 100 dash sprint in the CDC (Capital District Conference) district meet with a the time of 9.3. Michael placed second place in the National High School Open Track Meet in California, in the 100 yard dash and the 200 yard dash. In the CIAC (Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference) Michael placed first in the 100 yard dash and 220 yard dash in 1976. Michael was an awesome athlete and was admired by his classmates and his teammates.

Michael loved his motorcycle and called his bike, “Busa”, but he adored his wife and family more. Some of Michael’s classmates were sitting around and talking about him and what a great athlete he was; two of those people must have been his longtime friends, Al McFadden and Willie Mann. His fellow workers said this about Michael, “We were all sad to hear about the passing of Michael, his family within the Department of Public Services were all in shock. GOD HAS CALLED FOR ONE OF HIS SOLDIERS TO COME HOME!”

Mr. Bob Rafallo, Bulkeley High School Hall of Fame coordinator, brought the item requesting the monument marker to the Hartford Board of Education’s School Choice & Facilities committee, and the item for consideration was publicly announced at the April 21, 2020 regular board meeting, allowing 6 months for public input thereafter.

The monument’s location is to be decided by Bulkeley High School Administration and Central Office.

You can read the letters of support below, and learn more about the Bulkeley High School Athletics Hall of Fame at Bulkeley’s new website:  https://bulkeley.hartfordschools.org/


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Letters of Support_Michael Curry – edited


    • All Conference in football, indoor track, and outdoor track, three years
    • School record in the 100 yard dash at 9.3
    • The fastest sprinter to run track at Bulkeley High School in 92 years
    • Awarded eleven varsity letters in three sports
    • CIAC State Champ in the 100 yard dash and the 220 yard dash
    • Runner Up in two events 100 and 220 yard dashes at the National High School Track Invitational Meet in California.

Mr. Michael Curry, we welcome you, posthumously, into the 2018 Bulkeley  High School Athletic Hall of Fame.