Bulkeley High School Politics Students Attend Live Taping of WNPR’s Where We Live’s “Government, Why Bother?”

Spotlight on Excellence     June 2013


Bulkeley Politics Students Attend Live Taping of WNPR's Where We Live's "Government, Why Bother?" 

On Thursday, May 16, students in the Introduction to American Politics class at Bulkeley High School, which is offered in conjunction with the University of Connecticut's Early College Experience program, attended a live taping of WNPR's Where We Live to explore the question of "Government, Why Bother?"  The program was, at least in part, produced directly by the students, who were afforded the unique opportunity to develop the themes and guiding questions of the show, which included the influence of money in the democratic process, the absence of political compromise and its effects, and the causes and consequences of political apathy.  In addition to helping prepare questions for the show's guests, the students were invited to participate in the conversation during the show's live broadcast, asking questions related to the role of third parties in political engagement, political apathy among teenagers, and why civic and political disengagement is so problematic.  
Special thanks to John Dankosky, Heather Brandon, and the wonderful staff at WNPR, as well as Trinity College professor Rachael Barlow, for making this opportunity possible.  The broadcast can be accessed here: http://cptv.vo.llnwd.net/o2/ypmwebcontent/Heather/Where%20We%20Live%2005-16-2013.mp3

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