Bulkeley Students Sweep Hartford Creative Contest Awards

Bulkeley Students Sweep Hartford Creative Contest Awards

Bulkeley High School students were awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Grand Prize in Hartford Creative Contest.

The Hartford Creative Contest was founded by Tiana Hercules in 2014. Originally called the Hartford Youth Essay Contest, and focused mainly on the prevention of violence in the Hartford community. It was a way to provide a platform for students to get their creative voices heard through their writing and give ideas on how to eliminate violence in their communities. Participants were required to create entries based on this year’s theme “What would make my school or neighborhood better?” and submit a written essay to accompany their art.

Winners this year include:

Zaida Cotto won the Grand Prize ($500.00!) Shineyla Romero won 1st prize for art (cash prize)
Jessica Snipe won 2nd prize for art (cash prize) Ayanna Mullings won 2 prizes, 1st prize for Poetry and 3rd prize for art. (2 cash prizes)

This was a HUGE honor for these kids, and a cause for celebration for the Bulkeley Community!  Please share, re-tweet, like, and subscribe below!

For more information about the Hartford Creative Contest, please contact:

Melissa LesserVisual Arts Instructor

Bulkeley High School

Thank you, John Tusch, Teacher/Distance Learning Facilitator, for the media.