Capital Preparatory Magnet School Students Trailblazing with Odyssey of the Mind

Capital Preparatory Magnet School Students Trailblazing with Odyssey of the Mind

History was made from Capital Prep’s first-ever participation in the Odyssey of the Mind
program. Students, families, teachers and volunteers made their way to Southern Connecticut State University on March 17, 2018 to compete with other schools from our state.

A huge THANK YOU to from Capital Prep to parents, guardians, relatives and friends for supporting the efforts of this program. Capital Prep values how parent and community involvement is crucial for your child’s learning and success. Their participation in this program is a living testament of how staff, parent and community involvement pays off!

The three teams gained lasting experiences that included the process of problem solving as well as the flexibility and fluidity of teamwork -True Trailblazers! Team divisions were judged on how well they solved their long-term problem, the style of their long-term problem, and how well they performed as a team to solve a spontaneous problem.

Congratulations to the Animal House grade 4/5 team! The students placed 3rd in their long-term problem/solution for division I AND received the Problem#4, Division I Jill Riggles Award for Highest Spontaneous Score. Team Members: Julian, Lily, Kayden,
Javaris & Rawda.

Congratulations to the Triathlon grade 6-8 team! Ashlyn, Cayla and Nick earned the Omer’s Award. This award is named for the Odyssey of the Mind raccoon mascot, OMER, in recognition of our Triathlon team members who demonstrated outstanding sportsmanship. There was ONLY one Omer Award issued for the entire state! Way to go team! Team Members: Ashlyn, Cayla, Nick, Isaiah C., Roman, Abijah and Ajani.

Congratulations to the Triathlon grade 4/5 team! The students were the VERY
FIRST team to perform for the day and their courage was outstanding. Their experience has
provided them with the knowledge and power to move mountains! Team Members: Sheldon, Ashlynn, Jahmar, Isaiah H., Nichele and Savannah.