Celebrating Work-Based Learning: Pathways Academy’s 3rd Annual Internship Showcase

Celebrating Work-Based Learning: Pathways Academy’s 3rd Annual Internship Showcase

Corporate partners, supervisors and mentors’ feedback and reflection is a part of the engagement that inspired students, staff, and business partners at Pathways Academy of Technology & Design’s Third Annual Internship Showcase on October 3, 2018.

Approximately 80 students showcased their summer internships to business partners, community members, faculty, staff, and students. Professionals were welcomed with an exemplar intern presentation, a testimonial from a current Industry Advisory Board member and then heard presentations from  interns explaining their summer experience and how it has impacted college and career decisions. Congratulations to all the students and staff who made this event truly remarkable!

You can see see event photos here.

As a NAF Academy, work-based learning and training is incorporated into Pathways’ curriculum. Giving underrepresented students real-world experience exposes them to career possibilities, professionalism and opportunities they would otherwise never imagine. As a theme-based academy, internships center around opportunities in technology, design/marketing , advanced manufacturing, photography/videography and business. Many professionals offer their time to support and mentor students to prepare them for these experiences and the school depends on partnerships to advance learning and prepare internship candidates.

The majority of interns are employed during the summer months but with expanded partnerships, Pathways continues to expand the number of experiences available during the school year. As all of the internships are intended to be learning opportunities where students provide value to the organization, all experiences are paid (either by the organization or through private funding and grants.)

To get more involved and support work-based learning please contact Pathways Academy of Technology and Design Internship and Work-Based Learning Coordinator Kevin Flynn at Kevin.Flynn@hartfordschools.org