Cell Phone Service Discounts and Help

Cell Phone Service Discounts and Help

The State of Connecticut’s Department of Families and Children provided the following list of cell phone service providers who are offering discounts and free services for our families and youth as we spend more time on our phones.

Assurance Wireless (Virgin Moblile’s version of Safelink) is giving all of their customers unlimited minutes and texts from now through 5/20 as well as 6 GB of data for free.

TracFone/Straighttalk (Walmart’s minute plan): Partnering with Safelink Wireless to enroll clients in free minutes, assistance with bill pay, waiving reactivation fees, setting clients up with data and texting packages. Can visit safelinkwireless.com/enrollment or contact 1-800 723 3546 for details.

Verizon: suspending late fees/re-connection fees, bill assistance, and getting extra minutes with proof of poverty, unemployment due to COVID. Best way is to apply online through the account.

AT&T: free/reduced cost wifi/hotspots through your phone, unlimited data for all existing clients, and providing services at $10 per month for families with no income, low income, or financial strain due to COVID. Will extend the $10 per month plan after COVID crisis. Online is the most officiant way to apply due to the high number of callers (per info on website).

Cricket: dial 611 to enroll in any COVID relief programs. Waiving re-connection fees, and all service fees on payments. Can use Bridge Pay to pay current bills in future months, over a longer period of time, and/or smaller payments per billing cycle. Includes minute plans. To call 611 you must call off of the Cricket issued phone, if someone else is calling for the client the number is 1 800 274 2538.