Choice Corner for May 2014

Choice Corner for May 2014


CHECK YOUR MAILBOXES – Your Child’s Hartford District School Placement is on its way!

The Hartford District School Lottery is being run!  If you entered your child in the Hartford District Schools Lottery, you will be receiving notification of placement before the end of May.

What do I do?    

Respond to your placement within 10 days If you do not respond within 10 days, your child may lose their seat.

How do I respond?    

You can fill out the Placement Response form and send it back via US Mail or go online to and accept or decline your placement.


What if I do not receive my first choice and want to wait?    

·         Don’t wait!  Acceptance of a seat in a Hartford District School does NOT impact your status in the RSCO Lottery.
·         It is important to accept your placement in the Hartford District School, as a RSCO placement is NOT guaranteed.  If you do not accept your placement in the Hartford District School your child will be considered as not requiring a “seat.”  If you receive notification of RSCO Lottery placement later, then you can change your Hartford District School placement status to decline.
·         If it is later determined that placement is needed at a Hartford District School, your child will be placed at a school with available seats, which may not be a school that you chose in the Lottery. 


Once I respond, am I done? 

Almost!  The last step in the process is to register your child in their new school.  To register your child, contact the school for an appointment and provide the following documentation:
  1. Birth certificate
  2. Updated physical exam form (blue form)
  3. Immunization records
  4. Proof of Hartford residency (utility bill or lease/rental agreement)
  5. Photo identification of parent or documentation of legal guardianship 

The Regional School Choice (RSCO) Magnet School Lottery has not yet run.

Please visit  for more information about the RSCO Lottery.


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