Choice Corner May 5th 2016

Choice Corner May 5th, 2016

(The below is repeated information from above, in text form.)

IMPORTANT LOTTERY UPDATE, CHECK YOUR INBOX! The Hartford District Choice and Regional School Choice Magnet & Open Choice lotteries are set to be conducted in mid-May.  Be sure that you keep an eye out for your placement information via email, letter and phone and accept your seat once received!  Please continue reading below for a few other important reminders.


Prekindergarten & Kindergarten Families!  

·         Do you have a 4 or 5 year old who still needs to enroll for PreK or Kindergarten for next year?

·         Did you miss the deadline to apply to the lottery?

·         Are you new to Hartford and need to enroll your child in PreK or Kindergarten for Fall 2016?

             Then come see us to complete a placement form:

Important Lottery Reminders!

·         Anticipated lottery timeline for the Hartford District Choice & Regional School Choice is: Mid-May. 

·         Once the lottery is conducted, families will be notified of the results by letter, phone and email

o   It is important that you accept your placement for the Hartford District Choice lottery even if you received a waitlist offer for a magnet school as you are not guaranteed a magnet seat.

Stay in Contact with Us!

·         Keep in contact with the Office of School Choice for important post-lottery information!

o   Like us on Facebook

o   Visit us online at


·         Still have questions, call us!

o   Office of School Choice, 960 Main Street—9th Floor

§  Phone: 860-695-8876

o   Office of School Choice (RSCO Office), 165 Capitol Avenue—Room 363

§  Phone: 860-713-6991

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