The CIML team provides vision, leadership, and expertise in the development of curriculum resources, instructional strategies and educational technologies to ensure that every student thrives and every school is high performing. Please select an image below to learn more.


Teaching and learning is the backbone of a school district, and it constantly evolves in response to the changing needs of the student population, as well as newly acquired best practices in education, district initiatives, and state directives. The curriculum development process is ongoing, working through stages of planning, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and revision.  Our district curriculum is aligned to the Connecticut Core Standards (Common Core Standards) for English Language Arts and Mathematics and content area standards including:


The Curriculum, Instruction, and Media Literacy (CIML) department is committed to preparing our students throughout their Pre–K through Grade 12 years to graduate and to be college and career ready. CIML team members are professional learners, designers, integrators, and coaches of curriculum and educational technology to inform instruction and assessment literacy in the district. Utilizing best practice and research-based strategies, CIML supports formative assessment to inform Tier I instruction.  Our team develops instruction and assessment literacy by using inquiry for ongoing reflective practice, supporting instructional strategies to drive differentiated Tier I instruction. Through reflecting on the instructional core and developing demonstration classrooms as a professional learning system, CIML is a learning community that learns by reflective doing to ensure every student thrives and every school is high performing.


TheCurriculum Development and Instructional Improvement Plan is designed to provide a structure and process that will guide sustained review and improvement of existing curricula and drive the creation, review, and implementation of future curricula.


Teaching is a lifelong journey of learning about new strategies to continuously increase effectiveness and maximize learning for every student. Hartford schools seek to enrich the learning environment for its students by actively pursuing new strategies that will contribute to student engagement and achievement. It is only through the support and hard work of teachers that we can continue to experience the improved results that we have throughout the district.


Parent Guides and Report Cards for Standards-based Grading

HPS Program of StudiesDistrict Program of Studies

The HPS Program of Studies embodies the vision for our students’ futures as we seek to inspire and prepare each student to create his or her own success in and beyond school. Click here to view or download the document.


KHARY FLETCHER Director of Humanities 860-695-8754
TRACY AVICOLLI Director of the Arts & Wellness 860-695-8818
KARA ARNOLD Curriculum Specialist – ELA and Arts 860-695-8792
VANESSA S. DIAZ-VALENCIA Assistant Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Programs 860-695-8459
JACLYN NARDI Curriculum Specialist – Literacy
MARY VALLERA Instructional Coach – Literacy
STACEY YOUMATZ Lead Teacher of Early Childhood
LORE MINICH Early Childhood Coach
DR. SANDRA INGA STEM Director 860-695-8733
MARIO CARULLO Director of Mathematics 860-695-8685
MICHELLE KELLOGG Curriculum Specialist- Mathematics 860-695-8663
SARAH DIGGS Director of Professional Learning 860-695-8671
PAUL GRISWOLD Blended Learning Coach, Centers of Innovation 860-695-8421