Classical Magnet School Students Participate in “The United Nations Day of Peace”

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Classical Magnet School Students Participate in "The United Nations Day of Peace"

On Friday, September 19th, sophomores at the Classical Magnet School, participated in "The United Nations Day of Peace".  Students wrote poems about peace and presented them in the Black Box Theatre.  This is a poem written by sophomore, John Eric Castro to commemorate that day.
What is Peace?
Is it an idea or a thing?
Do you get it from sports or wearing bling?
Can you get it from art or listening to music?
Is peace important, and how do you use it?
Can you find peace at the end of a quarrel?
Is peace anything more than just a moral?
Can peace help me when I feel alone?
Or will it leave me sinking like a stone?
Can you get peace from saving princess peach?
Is it too far or just out of reach?
Can peace make me feel better like a gentle kiss?
Why is it associated with a feeling of bliss?
Does peace appear at the end of a war?
If I get peace will I want more?
Does one have to stand and one have to fall?
Do I even need peace or want it at all?
Can you get peace in the sun?
Can you get peace in the snow?
Does peace travel fast?
 Or will it come to me slow?
But when did peace start,
And when will peace stop?
Is peace actually there?
With me around the clock?
Does peace make me wake up?
Does it make the cows go moo?
Do I need to worry about peace?
Or does peace need to worry about you?
If we run out of peace then where does it go?
Is peace even real, does anyone know?
Maybe peace is just a construct of human perception,
An illusion created after conquering depression.
The real question is what is peace to you?
It all depends on YOUR point of view. 



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