The CCR Department is dedicated to ensuring all Hartford Public School students have equitable access to high-quality college and career opportunities that will prepare them for the dynamic world of work and life beyond high school! It is our mission to inspire ALL students to create their own path towards success in and beyond school.

ALL IN! For Seniors - Wednesday Workshop Series

The ALL IN! for Seniors is a citywide-effort to rally behind the class of 2021 created by Hartford Public Schools and the ALL IN! Coalition for College and Career Readiness. Our goal is to ensure that all seniors have the resources and guidance they need to pursue whatever they’re interested in post-graduation. 


The Program:

The ALL IN! for Seniors Wednesday Workshop Series is a free online resource where your senior can attend webinars to help prepare for life after high school.

Every week your teen will be invited to a variety of sessions designed to help them prepare for college, the military, a trades program, or entering the workforce.

Examples of sessions include:

  • How to Finance College
  • Selecting a Trade Program and Certification Process
  • Q & A with an Armed Forces Recruiter
  • Choosing a Career Based on Your Strengths

We have gathered career counselors, college reps, business owners, and other experts from a variety of industries and specializations to present on each topic and answer student questions. 


How to Participate:

There are 4 ALL IN! for Seniors Wednesday Workshop dates in 2020: 11/18, 12/2, 12/9, and 12/16 – with more dates to come in 2021. 

Seniors are automatically registered for these workshops and can view upcoming session topics via Google Classroom. This is also where they can watch live sessions.

Recording of the webinars is also available for both parents and students – scroll down to see links to previous sessions.

Along with providing valuable tips and resources, we also have prizes for students to encourage them to attend. Our grand prize is a new laptop. To be eligible to win the laptop, seniors must tune in live to 3 of the 4 Wednesday Workshops remaining 2020.


PARENTS: We need your help for the ALL In! for Seniors Initiative to reach its full potential.

As a parent or guardian, you are one of the most influential people in your child’s life during their preparation for the “real world.”

We put together this 5 step guide on how you can get more involved in your child’s planning and become an advocate for the ALL IN! for Seniors program:

  1. Talk to your child about their plans after high school.
  2. Remind your child to look over the workshop schedule and tune in to the topics that interest them on Wednesdays.
  3. Watch the recording of the session (linked below) whenever you are free.
  4. Discuss the workshops with your child and help them make a to-do list so they can implement what they learned.
  5. Email us at with any questions that you would like our experts to answer in a future seminar.


Watch Our Previous Wednesday Workshop Sessions:

  • Manufacturing: Explore Pathways and Careers:
    • A panel presentation by Goodwin College
  • Understanding the FAFSA Process:
    • A presentation about the FAFSA/Financial Aid Process by the CT Department of Higher Education & Career Beginnings.
  • The College Essay:
    • Represent your best self – writing an effective college essay and completing the activities section put on by Uconn Admissions and Career Beginnings
  • UCONN Panel Careers & Majors:
    • Finding careers and majors that are right for you with a focus on business, finance, and insurance but on with Uconn and Career Beginnings.
  • College Application Process Overview:
    • Essay, Clubs & Activities Section, Reporting SAT scores, Navigating Naviance, Letters of Recommendation put on by HPS and Career Beginnings.

In relation to the District’s Model for Excellence, the College & Career Readiness Department Goals are to:

  • Increase the Graduation Rate
  • Increase College Acceptance
  • Provide Access to College and Career Readiness Opportunities
  • Ensure that each 6th-12th grade student has a Student Success Plan (SSP) and feels connected to staff within their school

College Readiness Initiatives that are already currently underway include:

  • All students in grades 6-12 have access to Naviance as an electronic Student Success Plan and a college & career readiness tool.
  • Offering the PSAT, free of charge, to all Sophomores and Juniors during the school day
  • Offering the SAT, free of charge, to all Juniors during the school day
  • Increasing opportunities for students to take college courses while in high school
  • Increasing college and career exploration for all students through college visits, career fairs, internships, and other meaningful experiences
  • Increasing college partnerships to enhance the development of college-level academic skills
  • Expanding the development of College and Career Readiness Plans so that each school has a roadmap for creating and sustaining a college-going culture


Other initiatives that the district is pursuing in support of these goals include:

  • The Hartford Promise: a scholarship program that is offered to all eligible Hartford students who maintain certain requirements.

Staff Members:

The Department of College & Career Readiness is made up of the Executive Director of Post-Secondary Success & Alternative Programming and two district lead school counselors. Together the team works to support the School Counselors and College Career Specialists in each of the Hartford Public Schools.

Dr. Dolores Garcia-BlockerExecutive Director of Post-Secondary Success & Alternative ProgrammingGarcD001@hartfordschools.org860-695-8546
Lauren HeimTransition Counselor Specialistlauren.martin@hartfordschools.org860-695-8707
Jennifer SimmonsTransition Counselor Specialistjennifer.simmons@hartfordschools.org860-695-8887
School Counselors
Last Name First Name School Grade Levels Caseload Email Phone
Airo Jaqueline ESM Hooker/Breakthrough N 6-8 6-8 JAiro@ 53746 E / 5780 B
Araujo Samantha Bulkeley 9-12 9&10 Samantha.Araujo@ 695-1177
Bennett Kim Pathways 9-12 A-L (9-11) A-K (12) CapoK001@ 695-9495
Brown Jennifer Great Path (GPA) 9-12 9&11 Jennifer.P.Brown@ 695-6157
Chamberland Christine HPHS 9-12 11 ChamC003@ 695-1565
Chavez Lorenzo HPHS 9-12 12 ChavL001@ 695-1331
Clermont Carol HMTCA 6-8 ClaiC001@ 695-7250
Corcoran Kara Kinsella Middle 6-8 6-8 CorcK001@
Cruz-Reis Claudia HMTCA 6-8 CruzC001@ 695-7287
Dionne Christine SMSA 9-12 A-L DionC001@ 695-6960
Doffek Beth University High 9-12 L-Z DoffB001@ 695-9017
Eells Alyssa AF STEM/Mont (.5) 6-8 6-8 EellA001@ 695-4162
Field Mark Kinsella High 9-12 9-12 AndrC001@ 695-2044
Gorss James Classical 9-12 9&11 GorsJ001@ 695-4307
Heim Lauren Office of Academics K-12 All schools, but in general MS Lauren.Martin@ 695-8707
Insel Ethan HPHS 9-12 10 InseE001@ 695-1396
Jefferson Lauren Pathways 9-12 M-Z (9-11) L-Z (12) Lauren.Jefferson@ 695-9453
Kaizer Hannah HMTCA 9-12 Mi-Z Hannah.Kaizer@ 695-7279
Lentz Laura MLK 6-8 6-8 LentL001@ 695-6497
Lewis Shari Burr 6-8 6-8 SLewis@ 695-3135
Long Colman Belizzi/Global 6-8 6-8 LongC002@ 695-2424
Mack Michelle Weaver 9-12 A-L Michelle.Mack@ 695-1676
Morneau Helene Kennelly / Webster 6-8 6-8 Helene.Morneau@ 3915 K / 5392 W
Radigan Noel University High 9-12 A-K RadiN001@ 695-9018
Rodriguez Nicole Capital Prep 6-12 6-12 Nicole.Rodriguez@ 695-9828
Ronzello Liza Great Path (GPA) 9-12 10&12 RonzL001@ 695-1484
Rosado Stacey Bulkeley 9-12 11&12 M-Z RosaS003@ 695-1117
Rubelmann Sarah SMSA 9-12 M-Z LentS001@ 695-6906
Scarano Marissa Bulkeley 9-12 11&12 A-L Marissa.Clark@ 695-1103
Sebastian Madeline HPHS 9-12 9 SebaM002@ 695-1485
Senteio Charlene Milner 6-8 6-8 SentC001@ 695-7683
Shah Aneela Bulkeley 9-12 9&10 KazmaA001@ 695-1872
Simmons Jennifer Office of Academics K-12 All schools, but in general the HS Jennifer.Simmons@ 695-8887
Smagin Jennifer McDonough 6-8 6 All, 7 O-Z SmagJ001@ 695-7893
Strom-Lindquist Cheryl Classical 9-12 10&12 CLindquist@ 695-1571
Tamburro Sonia HMTCA 9-12 A-Me STamburro@ 695-7321
Vega Heather Classical 6-8 6-8 HVega@ 695-9361
Vigue Emily Weaver 9-12 M-Z Vigue001@ 695-1674
Ziskind Becky McDonough 6-8 7 A-N, 8 All Rebecca.Zoskind@ 695-4304