Our department is dedicated to ensuring all Hartford Public Schools students have equitable access to high quality college and career opportunities that will prepare them for the dynamic world of work and life beyond high school! It is our mission to inspire ALL students to create their own path towards success in and beyond school.

College Readiness Initiatives that are already currently underway include:

  • Offering the PSAT, free of charge, to all Sophomores and Juniors during the school day
  • Offering the SAT, free of charge, to all Juniors during the school day
  • Increasing opportunities for students to take college courses while in high school
  • Increasing college and career exploration (this does not need to be a link. It didn’t appear to go anywhere) for all students through college visits, career fairs, internships, and other meaningful experiences
  • Increasing college partnerships to enhance the development of college level academic skills
  • Expanding the development of College and Career Readiness Plans so that each school has a roadmap for creating and sustaining a college-going culture
  • All students grades 6-12 have access to Naviance as an electronic Student Success Plan and a college & career readiness tool. Click here for more information about Naviance!


Other initiatives that the district is pursuing in support of these goals include:


Links of Interest

Learn more and access to the electronic Student Success Plan via Naviance.

PSAT/SAT (https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/educators/k-12)

College Affordability – Fast Web (www.fastweb.com)

My College Dollars (www.getschooled.com)

My Big Future (https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/)

The District’s Equity Indicators that align with our department goals:

  • 100% College Acceptance
  • 90% Graduation Rate
  • 100% Access to College and Career Readiness Opportunities
  • Each Student has to have a Success Plan and a Connection to a Caring Adult

Staff Members:

Sonia DinnallExecutive Director of College & Career Readinessdinns001@hartfordschools.org860-695-8527
Lauren HeimTransition Counselor Specialistlauren.martin@hartfordschools.org860-695-8707
Jennifer SimmonsTransition Counselor Specialistjennifer.simmons@hartfordschools.org860-695-8887

School Counselors

Lewis Shari Counselor Bulkeley 9-12 slewis@hartfordschools.org 695-1143
Scarano Marissa Counselor Bulkeley 9-12 marissa.clark@hartfordschools.org 695-1103
Rosado Stacey Counselor Bulkeley 9-12 rosas003@hartfordschools.org 695-1117
Smagin Jennifer Counselor Burns PreK-8 smagj001@hartfordschools.org 695-3035
Brown Jennifer Counselor Capital Prep / CCCMA 9-12 jennifer.P.Brown@hartfordschools.org 695-7100
Vega Heather Counselor Classical 9-12 hvega@hartfordschools.org 695-1118
Shah Aneela Counselor Classical 9-12 KAZMA001@hartfordschools.org
Airo Jaqueline Counselor Culinary/JMA/HS Inc 9-12 SANTJ002@hartfordschools.org 695-7250
Sentenio Charlene Counselor Culinary/JMA/HS Inc 11-12 sentc001@hartfordschools.org 695-1308
Morneau Helene Counselor Global 9-12 Helene.Morneau@hartfordschools.org 695-8646
Geathers Camille Counselor Great Path 9-12 cgeathers@hartfordschools.org 695-7164
Corcoran Kara Counselor Great Path/MLK 9-12 corck001@hartfordschools.org
Tamburro Sonia Counselor HMTCA 9-12 stamburro@hartfordschools.org 695-7321
Kaizer Hannah Counselor HMTCA 9-12 Hannah.Kaizer@hartfordschools.org 695-7279
Cruz-Reis Claudia Counselor HMTCA 6-8 CRUZC001@hartfordschools.org 695-7287
Clermont Carol Counselor HMTCA 6-8 claic001@hartfordschools.org 695-1861
Sebastian Madeline Counselor HPHS 9-12 Sebam002@hartfordschools.org 695-9336
Ronzello Liza Counselor HPHS 9-12 ronzl001@hartfordschools.org 695-9362
Long Colman Counselor HPHS 9-12 longc002@hartfordschools.org 695-1483
Lindquist Cheryl Counselor HPHS 9-12 clindquist@hartfordschools.org 695-1571
Green-Liddell Robin Counselor HPHS 9-12 greer004@hartfordschools.org 695-1872
Field Mark Counselor Kinsella 9-12 Mark.Field@hartfordschools.org 695-2044
Lareau Nicole Counselor Kinsella 6-8 Nicole.Lareau@hartfordschools.org 695-6917
Ziskind Rebecca Counselor McDonough 6-8 Rebecca.Zoskind@hartfordschools.org
Gorss James Counselor McDonough 6-8 GORSJ001@hartfordschools.org 695-2604
Heim Lauren Transition Counselor Office of Academics K-12 lauren.martin@hartfordschools.org 695-8707
Simmons Jennifer Transition Counselor Office of Academics K-12 Jennifer.Simmons@hartfordschools.org 695-8887
Bennett Kim Counselor Pathways 9-12 capok001@hartfordschools.org 695-9495
Jefferson Lauren Counselor Pathways 9-14 Lauren.Jefferson@hartfordschools.org
Dionne Christine Counselor SMSA 9-12 dionc001@hartfordschools.org 695-6960
Rubelmann Sarah Counselor SMSA 9-12 LENTS001@hartfordschools.org 695-6906
Doffek Beth Counselor University High 9-12 doffb001@hartfordschools.org 695-9017
Radigan Noel Counselor University High 9-12 radin001@hartfordschools.org 695-9018