The CCR Department is dedicated to ensuring all Hartford Public School students have equitable access to high-quality college and career opportunities that will prepare them for the dynamic world of work and life beyond high school! It is our mission to inspire ALL students to create their own path towards success in and beyond school.

The Department of CCR will be holding a series of district-wide college and career events for students (and their families) in grades 7-12 throughout the academic year.  Please mark your calendars for the following dates.  Event flyers with more details closer to the day of each event will be made available.


  • Career Awareness Week – Part I (8th Grade Only)
  • High School College Fair (11th and 12th grade)
    • Date:  April 20, 2022 All day (Virtual)
  • Career Awareness Week – Part II (7th grade only)
    • Date:  Week of April 4, 2022
    • Time:  10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (Virtual)
  • Transition to High School Week (8th grade only)
    • Date:  Week of May 31, 2022
    • Time:  10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. (Virtual)
  • College Fair (8/9/10 grade) 
    • Date:  June 3, 2022
    • Time:  TBD

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In relation to the District’s Model for Excellence, the College & Career Readiness Department Goals are to:

  • Increase graduation rates
  • Decrease Chronic Absenteeism
  • Increase student perceptions of feeling safe & valued

Much of our work is done with 6th-12th grade students through the Student Success Plan (SSP) using a tool called Naviance.

Staff Members:

The Department of College & Career Readiness is made up of the Executive Director of Post-Secondary Success & Alternative Programming and two district lead school counselors. Together the team works to support the School Counselors and College Career Specialists in each of the Hartford Public Schools.

Fallon DanielsExecutive Director of Post-Secondary Success & Alternative ProgrammingFallon.Daniels@hartfordschools.org860-695-8546
TBDTransition Counselor Specialist860-695-8707
Aneela ShahTransition Counselor SpecialistKAZMA001@hartfordschools.org860-695-8887

Click or use the QR Code below to explore our College and Career Resources Padlet for information you need, including:

  • Graduation Requirements
  • College Applications Support
  • Essay Writing
  • College Fairs

College Readiness Initiatives currently underway include:

  • All students in grades 6-12 have access to Naviance as an electronic Student Success Plan and a college & career readiness tool.
  • Offering the PSAT, free of charge, to all Sophomores and Juniors during the school day
  • Offering the SAT, free of charge, to all Juniors during the school day
  • Increasing opportunities for students to take college courses while in high school
  • Increasing college and career exploration for all students through college visits, career fairs, internships, and other meaningful experiences
  • Increasing college partnerships to enhance the development of college-level academic skills
  • Expanding the development of College and Career Readiness Plans so that each school has a roadmap for creating and sustaining a college-going culture


Other connections that support these goals include:

  • The Hartford Promise: a scholarship program that is offered to all eligible Hartford students who maintain certain requirements.
  • Khan Academy: students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning to prepare them for the SAT.
  • The College Board: an organization that connects students to college success.
  • All In! Coalition: an organization working to drive post-secondary success in Hartford students. See below for more information about an initiative we are partnering on.
  • ReadyCT: By connecting the classroom to the business world, students can learn in dynamic ways that position them for success.

School Counselors

Last Name First Name School Grade Levels Students Served Email Phone
Eells Alyssa AF STEM (.4), AF Mont. .1 6-8 6-8 EellA001@
Long Colman Belizzi/Global 6-8 6-8 LongC002@ 695-2494
Keith Bryant Bulkeley 9-12 11 & 12 A-L bryant.keith@ 695-1177
Bruno Anthoniel Bulkeley 9-12 9 & 10 Anthoniel.Bruno 695-1117
Mosby Janae Bulkeley 9-12 9&10 Janae.Mosby@ 695-1103
Levin Jenny Bulkeley 9-12 11 & 12 NEW 695-1872
Lewis Shari Burr Middle 6-8 6-8 695-3160
Rodriguez Nicole Capital Prep 6-12 6-12 Nicole.Rodriguez@ 695-9828
Gorss James Classical 9-12 10 & 12 GorsJ001@ 695-4307
Strom-Lindquist Cheryl Classical 9-12 9 & 11 CLindquist@ 695-1571
Vega Heather Classical & Renzulli 6-8 6-8 HVega@ 695-9361
Giuliano Sarah ESM Hooker/Breakthru N 6-8 6-8 Sara.Giuliano@ 53746 E / 5780 B
Brown Jennifer Great Path (GPA) 9-12 10&12 Jennifer.P.Brown@ 512-3712
Ronzello Liza Great Path (GPA) 9-12 9&11 RonzL001@ 512-3714
Clermont Carol HMTCA 6-12 6-8 (A-L) ClaiC001@ 695-7250
Cruz-Reis Claudia HMTCA 6-12 9-12 (Mi -Z) CruzC001@ 695-7279
Heim Lauren HMTCA 6-12 6-8 (M-Z) Lauren.Martin@ 695-7287
Tamburro Sonia HMTCA 6-12 9-12 (A-Me) STamburro@ 695-7321
Airo Jacqueline HPHS 9-12 10-12 (A-L) JAiro@ 695-1565
Chavez Lorenzo HPHS 9-12 10-12 (M-Z) RISE ChavL001@ 695-1331
Insel Ethan HPHS 9-12 9, HOPE, PP InseE001@ 695-1396
Sebastian Madeline HPHS 9-12 9, IGOAL, STEP SebaM002@ 695-1485
Morneau Helene Kennelly / Webster 6-8 6-8 Helene.Morneau@ 3915 K / 5392 W
Copeland Kevin Kennelly PK-8 6-8 Kevin.Copeland@ 695-3915
Field Mark Kinsella High 9-12 9-12 mark.field@ 695-2060
Corcoran Kara Kinsella Middle 6-8 6-8 CorcK001@ 695-4162
Smagin Jennifer McDonough 6-8 6 All, 7 O-Z SmagJ001@ 695-7893
Ziskind Rebecca McDonough 6-8 7 A-N, 8 All Rebecca.Zoskind@ 695-4304
Senteio Charlene Milner 6-8 6-8 SentC001@ 695-7683
Lentz Laura MLK 6-8 6-8 LentL001@ 695-6497
Shah Aneela Office of Academics K-12 In general College KazmaA001@ 695-8887
Bennett Kim Pathways 9-12 A-L (9-12) CapoK001@ 695-9495
Chamberland Christine Pathways 9-12 M-Z (9-12) ChamC003@ 695-9453
Vega Heather Renzulli 6-8 HVega@ 695-9361
Dionne Christine SMSA 9-12 A-L DionC001@ 695-6960
Rubelmann Sarah SMSA 9-12 M-Z LentS001@ 695-6906
Doffek Beth University High 9-12 L-Z DoffB001@ 695-9017
Radigan Noel University High 9-12 A-K RadiN001@ 695-9018
Mack Michelle Weaver 9-12 A-L Michelle.Mack@ 695-1676
Grey Libby Weaver 9-12 M-Z grayl004@ 695-1674