Come to the Latino Studies Academy at Burns School Rededication

Burns Latino Studies Academy Holds Significant Rededication

On Thursday, October 17, 2013 Burns Latino Studies Academy held a rededication ceremony at their school at 195 Putnam Street, Hartford, CT.  Refreshments were served and members of the school community, students and members of Mr. Burns family ate and chatted together before the ceremony.
Members of the Burns family and student ushers surround Dr, Monica Brase, Burns Principal and Griffin Dunne (center, under blue balloon!)
The rededication ceremony featured creative writing by Burns students, a Salsa lesson, and storytelling by professional storyteller Tom Lee who spoke of the life of Dominick Burns.  The day was proclaimed by Mayor Segarra and City Council as “Burns Latino Studies Academy Day.”
During the ceremony, students leaders presented ideas about Burns, such as:
“We’re a sanctuary school”

“Many people assume we don’t work hard”

“I have a dream that Burns won’t be known as the school with the lowest test scores”

“I dream that we can all walk down the street without being judged”

Carlos Huertas, the Interim Hartford Fire Chief and Burns School alum, said that “when you do great things for your community it comes back to you in many forms.”


The amazing spread of food was enjoyed by all.
Griffin Dunne, an actor and producer, and the Great Grandson of Dominick F. Burns, the school's namesake spoke at the ceremony. He was surprised by the announcement that the school would be naming the auditorium the “Griffin Dunne Auditorium.”
Fire Chief Huertas chats with members of the Burns family.
Professional storyteller, Tom Lee takes a picture of Dominick Burns' portrait.
Dr. Monica Brase, the school's principal, with her team, and with Community Schools staff and their director, Elizabeth Giannetta, has worked tirelessly to turn Burns into a school the community is proud of. 
For more information, read Kerri Provost's wonderful article in Real Hartford.




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