Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week!

Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week!

Join us for the week of September 25-29 to celebrate our Community School coordinators! Our community school coordinators build relationships between schools and community partners to support families and help students succeed. Coordinators are invaluable and we thank them for all their hard work to ensure each student learns and thrives. Please join us in celebrating our community school coordinators. #CoordinatorsRock

Hartford Public Schools is joining with the Coalition for Community Schools, the National Center for Community Schools, Communities In Schools, Beacons National Network, and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships to celebrate Coordinator/Directors Appreciation Week on September 25-29, 2017.

Who is a Community School Coordinator/Director?

Community school directors are the key to community schools. Coordinators create, strengthen, and maintain the bridge between the school and community. Community school coordinators facilitate and provide leadership for the collaborative process and development of a continuum of services for children, families and community members within a school neighborhood. A coordinator is often the “liaison” and “connector” for many different areas. Some of these include: Parent and family engagement, community engagement, youth development, health, mental health, after-school programming, early childhood, and aligning partnerships with academics.

Why is it important to recognize Community School Coordinators?

The Community School movement has grown across the country and internationally with more than 5,000 schools. Community School Coordinators are the people who push forward this movement and are the key to successful implementation. Without our community school coordinators, the bridge between the school and the community would not be nearly as strong. Community School Coordinators work diligently to create and manage the partnerships that allow students to learn and thrive, and they deserve recognition for all the work they do.

What is Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week?

Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week is hosted by the Coalition of Community Schools, Communities In Schools, the National Center for Community Schools at the Children’s Aid Society, the Beacon National Network, and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships at the University of Pennsylvania to encourage individuals, schools, and local community school initiatives to honor and thank their Community School Coordinators. This week will be full of public relations and social media efforts to encourage those who interact with Community School Coordinators to let their Coordinators know their work is seen and appreciated and to lift up the role of coordinators.

How can I thank a Community School Coordinator?

View our Coordinators Appreciation Week Toolkit with 5 easy ways to celebrate your community school coordinator.


About the Coalition for Community Schools

The Coalition for Community Schools, an initiative of the Institute for Educational Leadership, is an alliance of national, state and local organizations in education K–12, youth development, community planning and development, higher education, family support, health and human services, government, and philanthropy as well as national, state, and local community school networks. The Coalition advocates for community schools as a strategy to leverage local resources and programs, and to change the look and feel of the traditional school structure to best meet the needs of children and families in the 21st century.



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