Community Update: Cultivating Equity and Excellence Strategic Operating Plan Focus on K-2 Literacy Curriculum

(November 18th, 2015) HARTFORD, CT — Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez presented her first community update on the Strategic Operating Plan 2015-2020 as Hartford Public Schools takes on the next phase of plan implementation in pursuit of equitable outcomes for all students.
Dr. Narvaez shared performance equity indicator targets for 2016 and provided insights about one of the Strategies in Action: the New K-2 Literacy Curriculum, one of the district’s landmark initiatives.
“Last year we focused on planning and strategies built on community input. Now we are doing what we said we were going to do. This is our pact with our families and we are going to keep our promises in a very tangible manner,” said Dr. Narvaez on Wednesday at Hartford Public Schools Central Office.
Target outcomes for 2016 include reaching a 78% college acceptance rate (currently 72.5%), a 75.2% graduation rate (currently 71.5%), nearly 60% Algebra 1 proficiency by the end of ninth grade (currently 55%), and reducing suspensions by 20%.
Ultimately, the plan calls for 100% college acceptance, 90% graduation, 80% Algebra 1 proficiency by the end of ninth grade and 90% reduction in suspensions by the year 2020.
Improving early elementary literacy is one of Hartford Public Schools’ main goals. Research shows that children not reading at grade-level by third grade are less likely to achieve high school graduation.
The new K-2 Literacy Curriculum was developed in partnership with teachers, ensuring full alignment with Connecticut Core Standards (Common Core State Standards). The curriculum features an interdisciplinary approach combining Reading, Writing, Science – Next Generation Science Standards, and Social Studies – C3 Standards (College, Career, Civic Life) designed with teacher input and participation with a focus on meeting the developmental needs of early readers.
“We value the input and engagement of our amazing teachers,” said Dr. Narvaez. “This new approach will help to ensure a strong foundation for our students on their journey to college and the workplace.”
The district is piloting the new curriculum framework at 15 schools led by 140 kindergarten to second grade classroom teachers responsible for laying the groundwork so that 40% of our third grade students are able to reach and supersede the 50th percentile MAP in reading by the year 2016 (currently 35.3%).
K-2 Literacy Curriculum pilot schools are Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School, Early Reading Lab at Betances School, Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan, Milner School, Parkville Community School, Sanchez School (2014-15); Asian Studies Academy, Breakthrough Magnet School (South), Clark School, Environmental Sciences Magnet School at Mary Hooker, Kennelly School, Martin Luther King, Jr. School, Rawson School, R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts, and West Middle School (2015-16).

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