Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Asthma Center Thanks SAND School for Support in Survey and in Bridges Program

Connecticut Children’s Medical Center's Asthma Center Thanks SAND School for Support in Survey and in Bridges Program

Published on May 19, 2016


SAND school has been tremendously supportive of the CCMC Asthma Center and the programs and efforts they are trying to accomplish within the schools. From their two-year Building Bridges for Asthma Care pilot program, to the Easy Breathing for Schools program being implemented this year, having Mr. Annicelli be part of the asthma working group for the planning grant. The support received from Mr. Annicelli, Mr. Ramonita and Ms. Nova-Tapia provided CCMC with opportunities to conduct their resident survey in SAND School.  They have all made it easy for CCMA to implement the programs that are so important for children with asthma.

Click here to read the newsletter from the Collaborative for Asthma Equity in Children.

Click here for more information about Building Bridges for Asthma Care.

SAND School Principal Gerardo Heredia, thankful to CCMC and Hartford Public Schools Health Services for the work on the Building Bridges program at his school, also provided a list of all partnerships that SAND School has cultivated: 

1.    St. Timothy's  Church
2.    BJ's Wholesale
3.    United Way
4.    Mega Edu.
5.    Hoffman Autogroup
6.    Reinging Halo
7.    Lozada Foundation
9.    Hartford Performs
10.    Discovery Center
11.    St. Francis Hospital
12.    Lambda Theta Phi.
13.    COCC
14.    Webster Bank
16.    CCSU LASO
17.    CCSU SGA
18.    CCSU Admissions
19.    CCSU Veteran Affairs
20.    CCSU Student Affairs
21.    CCSU Academic Affairs
22.    CCSU SSW Interns
23.    High Ed. Consortium
24.    McDonalds
25.    Spotlight Theaters
26.    Subway
27.    Whole Foods
28.    Women's League
29.    Living Word Imprint
30.    Charter Oak Cultural Center
31.    The Village
32.    John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency
33.    Hartford Police Department
34.    Hartford Fire Dept
35.    University of Hartford
36.    Quinnipiac University
37.    Transformational Engagement
38.    Urban Alliance
39.    Hobson Associates
40.    Bulkeley High School upper School
41.    Christian Activities
42.    Curtis D. Robinson Foundation
43.    West Hartford Rotary Club
44.    CREC
45.    YMCA
46.    AFCamp
47.    L.E.O. Latin Enrichment Organization
48.    Scholastic Book
49.    Hartford Public Library
50.    The Hartford Promise
51.    Foresters
52.    Ashante Malone
53.    CIAC
54.    Center for Higher Education Retention Excellence
55.    Junior Achievement
56.    Hartford Yard Goats
57.    Original Fathers
58.    Community Health Services
59.    Barksdale School Portraits
60.    Steve Moser and MCM

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