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General Information

Hartford Public Schools General Number
(860) 695-8000

Superintendent's Office

Phone: (860) 695-8401

Email: superintendent@hartfordschools.org

Board of Education Members

Phone: (860) 695-8410

Building and Grounds

Claudio Bazzano, Executive Director

Phone: (860) 695-3233


College and Career Readiness

Phone: (860) 695-8527


Phone: (860) 695-8515

Food & Child Nutrition Services

Phone: (860) 695-8490

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Payroll: (860) 695-8488
Accounting: (860) 695- 8503
Insurance Services, (860) 695- 8644

Health Services

Nurse Services (860) 695-8760.

Welcome Center

Phone: (860) 695-8400

Office of School Leadership

Phone: (860) 695-8664

Office of Operations

Phone: (860) 695-8729

Office of Talent Management

Phone: (860) 695-8000
Email: TALENT@hartfordschools.org


Phone: (860) 695-8871


Phone: (860) 695-7669

Special Education

Phone: (860) 695-8450

Summer School Hotline

Phone: (860) 695-8803

Transportation Services

Phone: (860) 695-8547
Fax: (860) 722-8095

School Notifications by Telephone, Email and Text Message

ParentSquare®, a Family-School Communications Platform throughout Hartford Public Schools, is now active. It automatically alerts student families about important, time-sensitive information. Learn more, register and get the app today!

It is important that your school have all of your current telephone numbers and email addresses so that you will not miss out on any important communications. If you have a new phone number or email address or have not supplied one to your child or children’s school(s), please do so right away by calling your child’s school to have your information updated.

To have your phone number removed from our system, please use complete the form above and click “submit.”

This simple and useful communications tool is just another example of our commitment to keeping students’ families engaged in the education process.