Conversations in Education

Conversations in Education

With special thanks to Hartford Public Access Television and their wonderful staff, see our latest conversations about education in Hartford.  Our show is broadcast on Comcast channels 5 (Public) and 95 (Education.)

From Hartford Student to Teacher of the Year
Our 2019 Teacher of the Year, Narciso Moquete sits down with Hartford Superintendent Dr. Torres-Rodriguez to discuss great teaching and learning.
Teachers, Teaching & Student Success
Our 2018 Teacher of the Year Finalists, Benjamin Carlson, Beverly Kissane and Kaitlin Sullivan discuss how and why they teach and the methods that make a difference.
Student Voice & Affecting Change at Hartford Public Schools
A conversation about the activism led by our students on National Student Walk-Out Days, student mentoring in their school’s Social Justice Circles, and their work in Restorative Justice to help their peers stay safe in and out of school; with students Alexa Marotta, Martin Barrows, Azaria Porter and Larnee Satchel.
Voz del Estudiante y Cambios en las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford
Una conversación con algunos de nuestros Líderes Estudiantiles sobre la “Voz del Estudiante y Cambios en las Escuelas Públicas de Hartford”con Emeli Nicol Bueno, Changely Almonte, y Lisneras Zayas, estudiantes de la Escuela Bulkeley, y John Marrero, estudiante de 8° grado en la Escuela HMTCA que participó en la huelga.
District Transition and its Benefits for Students and Schools
A conversation with Dr. Alberto Vazquez-Matos, Deputy Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools, Dr. Doreen Crawford, Principal of Martin Luther King Jr. School, Azra Redzic, Principal of Sanchez School, and Leah Baranauskus, a middle school language arts teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. School and our 2015 Hartford Public Schools Teacher of the Year about the when, how, and why of our district’s transition work:  Transition Teams are managing the changes in our facilities, and our School Design Teams are managing the improvements in professional learning for teachers, and the academic and curricular changes for students to ensure excellent supports and aligned pathways for all students.  Watch and learn more!
GREAT SCHOOLS FOR ALL STUDENTS Part 3: Safe and Equitable Access to Great Schools and Pathways
Safe and Equitable Access to Great Schools and Pathways means that we focus on the whole student; that we will thoughtfully plan for each child a clear, logical pathway for how he or she moves through the district; being able to choose high-quality schools in their own neighborhoods, in transformed schools that are safe, caring environments where students feel safe, welcomed, and they want to be engaged. It means that we say to each student, “we have a plan for you; all the way through college and career readiness;” and through our Choice system, students can still customize their pathways. This is where all of our priorities, our non-negotiables as a school district and a city, come into play. Programmatic changes will accompany facilities changes and through expanded community partnerships and re-focused teacher-training and academics, we create open neighborhoods of learning of which our schools are hubs. Dr. Leslie Torres- Rodriguez discusses all of this with:
– Evette Avila, Hartford Public Schools’ Executive Director of Elementary & Middle Grades Education
– Oliver Barton, Executive Director of Secondary Education at Hartford Public Schools
– Fred Till, Director of Transportation for Hartford Public Schools
– and Sally Vazquez, School and Family Support Service Provider at Sanchez School
GREAT SCHOOLS FOR ALL STUDENTS Part 2: Expanded Family & Community Partnerships
Expanded Family and Community Partnerships mean that the lines between our schools and the communities they serve will be blurred. Our schools will become family-friendly hubs of their neighborhoods, and all schools will share district-wide organizational management that enables our schools to have the capacity to manage and grow partnerships with parents and community partners, while aligning the needs of their students and families with the available services and volunteers in our community. Dr. Leslie Torres- Rodriguez talks about all this with:
• Shontá Browdy, Hartford Public Schools Parent and member of our Board of Education
• Dr. Martin Estey, Executive Director of the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education
• Kimberly D. Oliver, the Director of the Department of Families, Children, Youth, and Recreation for the City of Hartford, AND member of the Hartford Board of Education.
GREAT SCHOOLS FOR ALL STUDENTS Part I: Great Teaching and Learning
What do School Principal Dr. Tayarisha Stone, leader of English Language Learners Monica Quinones, and leader of Special Education Dr. June Sellers believe are the non-negotiables in ensuring all schools have the resources, staff, and district support they need to make students successful?
Episode 10:  Hispanic Culture and Education in Hartford
Director of Communications and Marketing for Hartford Public Schools, Pedro Zayas chats with Mayra Lozada, President and Founder of the Julio Lozada Foundation and Monica Quinones, Interim Principal at Naylor School and Executive Director of English Language Learners at Hartford Public Schools
Episode 9:  Teachers, Teaching and Student Success
Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez discusses teaching and student success with Teacher of the Year 2017 Sonia Turner, and Teacher of the Year Finalists, William Conroy and Katelin Jacobs.
Episode 8: Student Voice — the Path to Engagement and the Hartford Public Schools Budget

Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez discusses family engagement and budgetary needs with Student Senators from Bulkeley High School, Culinary Arts Academy at Weaver High School, and Global Communications Academy.

Episode 7: Leveraging Community Partnerships in Tough Budget Times

Acting Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez chats with Tauheedah Jackson, Director of the Hartford Partnership for Student Success, Jacquelyn Santiago, Chief Operating Officer of COMPASS Youth Collaborative,
Damion Morgan, Community School Director for the Asian Studies Academy at Bellizzi School, and Craig Stallings, Hartford Resident and Business Owner, Secretary of the Hartford Public Schools Board of Education, and Chair of its Finance and Audit Committee.

Episode 6: College, Career and the Military


To help us explore life before, during, and after military service we chat with: Dr. Donald Slater, Army Veteran and Senior Director for Special Programs at Hartford Public Schools, Dirk Olmstead, Veteran and Principal of Parkville Community School, George Davis, Navy Midshipman Third Class and student at the US Naval Academy, and Hannah Manolis, a student at University High School of Science and Engineering who is considering a military education.

Episode 5: Everything You Need to Know about School Choice (in English or en español)



Enid Rey, Executive Director of School Choice, helps us understand everything we need to know about the School Choice process.

Enid Rey, nuestra directora ejecutiva de la oficina de Elección Escolar, nos ayudará hoy a entender todo lo que debemos saber sobre el proceso de Elección Escolar. 

Episode 4:  Chronic Absenteeism & Attendance Awareness


HPS Nurse Practitioner, Sandy Palmer from our school-based health clinics and Anita Ford Saunders, Director of Marketing & Communications of United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut talk about Chronic Absenteeism and Attendance Awareness.


Episode 3:  Teachers, Teaching & Student Success


HPS Teacher of the Year 2016 Finalists, Gary Lotreck, Lauren Davern, and Rich McHugh share their ideas about teaching and student success with Dr. Narvaez.
For more about our Teacher of the Year celebration, click here.

Episode 2:  College Access


HPS students Tonya Gray, Joselyn Arroyo, Jazmine Brown and Shamar Richards share their experiences and wisdom about college access and affordability with Dr. Narvaez.

Episode 1:  Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin


Dr. Narvaez and new Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin share ideas on education.





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