Culinary Arts Academy Students Win Arts Awards

Culinary Arts Academy Students Win Arts Awards

On May 8, 2017, Culinary Arts Academy students at Weaver High School were recognized for excellence in arts achievement.  Principal Sheldon Neal announced that the students’ hard work was paying off; 92% of 2017 graduates will be attending two year or four years colleges and universities.  Principal Neal also announced that last year’s suspension figure of 268, has been slashed this year to the number of students suspended: 37.

Rapper Anoyd entertains the hard-working students of Culinary Arts Academy.

All students were treated to an inspirational song by local rapper Anoyd, inspirational quotations by Art Teacher James Battle, before the following students were presented with their arts awards.

The following students won the Anoyd Portrait Contest:

Braheem Francis-1st place

Carlo Phanard- 2nd place

Skylar Clabon -3rd place

Certificates of art accomplishments were awarded to :

Naiyely Baez

Laura Quintana

Rayon Johnson

Trevon Allen


Shatoya Lewis

Melicia Mendes

Samuel Rodriquez

Nathan walker

Carola Callareta

Congratulations on an excellent year, Culinary Arts Academy!