Culinary Arts Students Spend a Day at the Connecticut Science Center

Spotlight on Excellence 
Issue 16  September 28, 2012 


Culinary Arts Academy Students visit the Science Center

RiseUp Leadership Development Program had a great time at the Connecticut Science Center on Sunday, September 9th.  The Coaches and Scholars were able to explore a number of different exhibits in a fun and exciting way.  One of their favorites was in the “Forces of Motion” area, where they each built cars and raced to see who had the fastest model.  DiJonah seemed to have the car to beat as she came in first multiple times.   The “Sports Lab” recorded the Scholars and Coaches performance in a number of athletic activities and gave them tips to help improve their performance.  The Scholars tested their stress levels with Mind Ball in the “Picture of Health” section.  It seemed that some were much more relaxed than others as the ball quickly moved towards them, signaling a change in the brain activity.  Scholars and Coaches were able to get really interactive with the “River of Life” exhibit which took a closer look at the Connecticut River.  Trisana and Brittany were a little nervous about touching the wildlife in the Wet Lab but overcame their fears! The Rooftop Garden was the perfect spot to enjoy some fresh air from the top floor at the Science Center and take in the sights of downtown Hartford.  Dr. Conway,  expressed, “Activities such as this that brings students together outside of the classroom is a perfect way to spend the weekend.  Conway further stated, “The trip to the Connecticut Science Center was a perfect way for the group to get together for an educational and team building experience”


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