Dalio Foundation Funding Over 50 Classroom Projects in Hartford Public Schools

Dalio Foundation Funding Over 50 Classroom Projects in Hartford Public Schools

(March 11, 2016) Approximately 57 classroom projects involving over 1,000 students in the Hartford Public Schools district will receive complete funding thanks to the Dalio Foundation’s participation in the #BestSchoolDay funding drive.

Funding of these projects was completed Thursday after more than than 50 athletes, actors, foundations and philanthropists announced a surprise “flash mob” funding of classroom project requests published on DonorsChoose.org for the benefit of communities across America.

“What a great way to support our teachers’ creativity in the classroom and to show that their efforts are highly appreciated by the community,” said Dr. Beth Schiavino-Narvaez. “We are very grateful for the Dalio Foundation’s generosity.”

Overall, contributions reached more than $14 million for nearly 12,000 projects, covering costs for books, art supplies, science equipment, field trips, among others, in communities spanning 47 states.

“I am very impressed by the resourcefulness of Connecticut teachers, and their ability to find the tools they need to teach their students well,” said Barbara Dalio on behalf of the Dalio Foundation.  “Supporting them through DonorsChoose.org is a great opportunity to thank them for their care and dedication to children.”

In the State of Connecticut, some 386 teachers requesting support for their classroom projects via DonorsChoose.org received funding grants linked to more than 500 projects. These 386 teachers represent 188 public schools in Connecticut to the benefit of approximately 40,000 students.

“Rawson fifth grade students deserve nothing but the best to move forward in our engineering world,” said teacher Lauren Galanti. “My fifth graders will now be able to learn with hands-on activities to support our STEAM initiative for their future college endeavors. I am excited that my students’ future will be supported with higher order thinking materials. We thank our supporter from the bottom of our hearts.”

Ms. Kabat and her 3rd grade students display an exhuberant “thank you” to their DonorsChoose donors including the Dalio Foundation.

“Flash mob” organizers are encouraging the public to join them by making further donations to other classroom projects published on DonorsChoose.org. Teachers and donors are also encouraged to share their support on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest the hashtag #BestSchoolDay.

“I was beyond excited to know that my hard work had paid off. Reaching out to a larger community allowed us to purchase items we would not ordinarily be able to get,” said Jodi Kabat, a third grade teacher at Burns Latino Studies Academy. “I am beyond grateful, thankful and happy to all the donors and we cannot wait to write our thank you letters.”

About DonorsChoose.org
Founded in 2000, DonorsChoose.org makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need.  Teachers at over two-thirds of all the public schools in America have created project requests, and more than 2 million people have donated $400 million to projects that inspire them. Over 17 million students—most from low-income communities, and many in disaster-stricken areas—have received books, art supplies, field trips, technology, and other resources that they need to learn.

About the Dalio Foundation
The Dalio Foundation is based in Westport, CT. Its giving is intended to support the diverse philanthropic passions of the family member-directors. It supports organizations at all levels of development, from start-ups in need of seed capital to well-established institutions that can bring big and/or novel ideas to fruition.

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