Our Dental Clinics, located in many of our schools, are full service, modern, state of the art facilities. We provide cleanings, fluoride treatments, x-rays, sealants, restorations, root canals, space maintainers, extractions, examinations, free toothbrushes, and more. Your students do not have to miss school for outside dental appointments. They can have their dental needs met during the school day and come home with a smile!

Download a printable Dental Consent Form (pdf)

The Hartford Public Schools Dental Department provides high quality full-service dental care to the school children of our city in order to ensure they are healthy participants in the educational process.

  • Offers full service dental care in 17 in-school dental clinics.
  • Serves students from Pre-K through 12th Grade, including those who are uninsured.
  • Offers preventive dental care and maintenance including sealants and x-ray diagnostics, as well as emergency interventions.
  • Promotes proper home care through regular instruction and reinforcement in brushing and flossing.
  • Provides nutritional counseling to support healthy eating.

About Us:

A student in dental pain is treated promptly in the clinic because we know that a child in pain cannot focus on learning. The parent does not need to transport their child to an outside dental provider, which means the child does not miss precious school hours.

If a child with dental pain does not attend a school with a dental clinic, he/she can be seen by a dentist at a nearby school.  Our dental offices are open on all school days during school hours. We employ 3 full-time dentists, 9 dental hygienists, and 4 dental assistants.

Most patients who participate in our Dental Program are seen on a 6-month recall schedule, which helps maintains good oral health and prevents cavities.  Regular x-rays help the dentist identify dental problems before they become more acute. Sealants prevent decay. Regular instruction and reinforcement in brushing and flossing promotes better home care.  Nutritional counseling at recall appointments reminds the students that healthy eating promotes overall good health.

We have 17 school based dental clinics throughout Hartford that provide quality dental care for our students.

Dwight Bellizzi                                860-695-2427

Betances Early Reading Lab        860-695-2844

Betances STEM                              860-695-3415

Bulkeley High School                    860-695-1023

Burns Latino Studies Academy  860-695-2986

Hartford Public High School     860-695-1363

Kinsella Magnet                           860-695-4191

Rawson/Martin Luther King    860-695-4842

McDonough/MELS                    860-695-4266

M D Fox  School                          860-695-7735

Milner School                              860-695-4415

Moylan Expeditionary Learning 860-695-4507

Parkville Community School    860-695-4729

Sanchez School                            860-695-4966

Sand School                                  860-695-5056

West Middle                                 860-695-5492

Wish School                                  860-695-5606

If your school does not have a dental clinic, please call one of the clinic phone numbers listed on this brochure and a member of the dental department will assist you in making an appointment.

We accept Husky and private insurance.


For more information about our School-Based Health Centers and our Dental Program, please call the Health Services Department at 860-695-8780.

Every Smile Counts (pdf) – Read about how you can help your child develop good dental and oral health.