Discovery Education STEM Family Event Brought to Life by HPS High School Centers of Innovation

Discovery Education STEM Family Event Brought to Life by HPS High School Centers of Innovation

Hartford Public Schools’ High School Centers of Innovation, STEM and Discovery Education partnered to bring the STEM Family Night to life.  The event provided an opportunity for families to experience how teaching & learning are being transformed through digital integration and what is happening in the classroom.

The HPS High School Centers of Innovation and STEM teams.

The Discovery Education team provided four “Hands on STEM Labs” stations that explored STEM jobs that students can have in the future. One group focused on Design an Emergency Shelter which prepares them for FEMA Specialist Career. Another group focused on Design a New Tennis Racket – Engineer design. The third group focused on “Building a Better Paper Cup” from the production and economist emphasis; and the last group focused on Creating a New Prosthetic Leg Challenge, where the participants worked together using the materials and developing a prosthetic leg prototype.

The event was held at the CT Science Center where Families were asked to work with others, share their ideas, take risks and have fun. Food was provided and prizes were given. Some families commented about the process behind the designs when asked why they put together the materials the way that they did.

Some Moms & Dads and their children shared great conversations about some of the tasks and the possible jobs they could pursue in the future. Students from Bulkeley High School remarked upon how fun the Tennis Racket activity was, with the added ability to compete against each other fueling the creativity.

It was an great opportunity to work with our families, students, staff, as well as with the folks from Discovery Education, whom we thank profusely for providing such a great stations and support with at this event!