What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning is the education of students who are not physically present at a school. Teachers will deliver lessons and learning materials in a number of ways, using the Internet, videos, discussion forums, worksheets, and other tools.

We have been working diligently on our distance learning model for students in grades K-12, the Continuity of Learning Plan (CLP), which  includes opportunities for E-Learning and technology-free learning.

  • E-Learning: learning that involves utilizing digital devices, such as Chromebooks, laptops, or even cell phones, to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom
  • Technology-free learning: learning via non-digital resources, such as district-provided printed learning packets, to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom

What does this mean for my child?

As part of the CLP, your child will have access to grade-level activities and materials that offer a combination of review, practice, and new learning. While the CLP is a new way of learning for many of our students, we will do our best to provide support.

Pre-Kindergarten (PreK)
Our PreK families will be contacted directly by their classroom teachers, who are reaching out via phone calls, emails or other technologies. PreK staff will continue to share weekly plans and provide new and updated learning packets at meal distribution sites.

PK Learn at Home – Week 1:  3/30/20

Pre-K Learning at Home


How will HPS support all families?

All staff are expected to communicate with students and families in their classes on a frequent basis. This communication will include a blend of emails, phone calls, and Google Classroom. In addition to individualized communications, staff are expected to keep “office hours” so that students and families can contact them directly. The timing of office hours will be communicated to families through Google Classroom. Below we have provided information regarding how to access this online platform. As this is a new way of engaging students, we look forward to working in partnership to support you and your child in their learning.

Student Technology, Support, and Access

Please note: If you already have a laptop, ipad or electronic device at home, you can access distance learning from the student’s HPS Google account.

  • Student Devices: Devices were distributed to students who do not have access at the 15 school locations around Hartford. If you still need a device after Friday March 27, please contact the Welcome Center at 860-695-8400 to borrow an electronic device.
  • Google Classroom: For log-in issues, questions about usernames or passwords, or difficulty accessing Google Classroom, families should report their issues through this form: bit.ly/hpsdistancelearning You will receive a response by phone or email within 24 hours.
  • Technology Support: If an HPS device will not power on, has a defective charger, or otherwise is not usable, please contact 860-757-9411 or email helpdesk@hartfordschools.org.
  • Internet Access: If your family doesn’t have internet access, you can obtain it for free from Comcast. Instructions are available on our website (https://www.hartfordschools.org/helpful-information-about-comcasts-free-internet-access-offer/).

Logging Into Your Device

Follow the directions below depending on the type of device you are using. The student ID is also the student’s lunch number and can be found on the student’s report card. If you do not have the Student ID, families can: Contact the child’s school, contact the Welcome Center, or check the Parent Portal on Powerschool.

Chromebook or Windows Laptop On the home screen, login with the following information:

●        Username: your student ID
●        Password: date of birth written as YYYYMMD  (e.g., 20040715 for July 15, 2004)

**Note: You need to be connected to the internet before you may log into the Chromebook device.

Tablet/Phone Go to classroom.google.com. Sign in to your Google Account with the following information:

●        Email: studentID@students.hartfordschools.org
(e.g., 0918193@students.hartfordschools.org)
●        Password: date of birth written as YYYYMMDD (e.g., 20040715 for July 15, 2004)

Joining your Google Classroom

Parents/Caregivers: On Friday, March 27, teachers will invite students to join their class in Google Classroom. To see the classes, wait until Friday, March 27 and then follow the directions below:

  1. Go to classroom.google.com.
  2. When you enter, you will see that your child has been invited to different classes. Click “Join” for each class that is on your screen.  Parents/caregivers should access the Google Classrooms regularly to understand the lessons and expectations for the day.
  3. Parents/caregivers can learn how to navigate Google Classroom by following this link:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/14xh4v2-UeVElfFKVLzEMObtg5BxHHsd6eQc4y4J2STo/edit?usp=sharing

Technology-free Learning

We strongly encourage students to use E-learning and are committed to supporting this transition for our students. However, if you do not have a device, internet access, or if you would prefer a technology-free option with printed learning materials, please complete this form. You may also call the Welcome Center at 860-695-8400 or email them at outreach@hartfordschools.org.

If you have questions about academic materials and learning activities, please send email to the following contacts by clicking on their names:

English Language Arts Grades K-5Vanessa Diaz-Valencia – (860) 695-8459

English Language Arts Grades 6-12Khary Fletcher – (860) 695-8754

English Language LearnersDaisy Torres – (860) 695-8649

MathematicsMario Carullo – (860) 695-8685


Distance Learning Resource Repository

Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom

Directions for Logging into Your Device  & Joining Google Classroom



  • Google Classroom Support: For log-in issues, questions about usernames or passwords, or difficulty accessing Google Classroom, families should report their issues through this form: bit.ly/hpsdistancelearning You will receive a response by phone or email within 24 hours.
  • HPS Device Login Support: If you cannot login to your HPS provided device, please contact 860-757-9411 or email helpdesk@hartfordschools.org 
  • HPS Device Exchange: If the helpdesk has advised that your device needs to be exchanged due to an issue, please contact the Welcome Center at 860-695-8400


Supporting your child with Distance Learning

For older children, learning activities and materials are designed for your child to be engaged independently, but we encourage you to check in with your child and provide help as needed. Your child’s teacher, counselor, or support staff will also be available to assist. We recommend taking the following steps to ensure success with E-Learning at home (K-12):

For all students:

  • Access Google Classroom or class materials so you understand what your child has to complete
  • Have a designated work space and schedule for your child to follow
  • Ensure good nutrition and opportunities for exercise
  • Encourage your child to stay engaged

For younger children, families will need to assist in the following ways:

  • Assist your student with logging into their device (see instructions below)
  • Access Google Classroom or materials for the lesson
  • Read the daily communication from the teacher
  • Assist your child in identifying a quiet space to complete class assignments
  • Create a schedule with your child (be sure to plan breaks)
  • Remain calm and reassuring
  • Communicate with the teacher and other support staff as needed

Holidays & Public Schools Closure Timeline

As per Governor Lamont’s executive order, public schools will not reopen until April 20 at the earliest. As originally planned, HPS will be closed for Good Friday (April 10), as well as for the regularly scheduled spring recess (April 13-17). Our school year will end in mid-June.