The Office of Academics is committed to providing the students of Hartford Public Schools with rigorous and engaging learning opportunities across all content areas and grade levels. The Office of Academics maintains a focus on supporting Early Literacy, English Language Learning, College & Career Readiness, and Curriculum & Instruction. The Office of Academics also includes the Data & Accountability division, which supports the district’s assessments, student information systems, and state reporting streams of work.

Core Areas of Service:

Communications, Partnerships, & Public Policy

The Office of Communications, Partnerships, & Public Policy (OCPP.) works to advance student achievement by expanding and diversifying financial resources, overseeing key partnerships, implementing new standards and policies, and supporting strategic planning. The OCPP exerts a relentless focus on internal and external communications, transparency, collaboration, and technology/social media usage and oversees the District Technology Plan and Strategic Communications Plan.

Core Areas of Service:
  • Communications & Strategic Planning
  • Partnerships & Development
  • Grant Writing & Management
  • Policy
  • Print Shop
  • Technology
Deidre Tavera, Chief Communication & Partnerships Officer
Rosa Billington-Williams, Executive Administrator
Marcos Rivera, Supervisor of Printing Services
Dr. Michelle L. Puhlick, Executive Director of Policy & Innovation
Pedro Zayas,Director of Communications & Marketing
Sandra J. Ward, Director of Community Partnerships
Sandra Burgos, Director of High School Centers of Innovation
Luiselle Rivera, Coordinator of Internal Communications & Events
Deborah Zimmerman Herz, Production Coordinator
Dave Draxyl, Coordinator of Applications Management & Innovative Technology
Lindsay Diaz, Community Partners Specialist


The Office of Finance creates environments and systems that enhance the use of financial performance information in decision making that best services our students and ensures a high level of public accountability. The Office of Finance leads the district in all aspects of financial management including payroll, risk insurance and compliance, workers’ compensation, as well as accounting, disbursements, and controls, and provides accessibility to District Finance Reports in addition to School Budget Documentation for public review.

Core Areas of Service:
  • Financial Management
  • Payroll
  • Risk Insurance & Compliance
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Accounting, Disbursements, & Controls
Accounting & Disbursements
Maureen Colman, Director
Budget Services & Planning
Marc Williams, Manager of Budget & Development
Risk Management & Insurance
John Griffin, Director of Risk Management & Insurance Services
Business Services & Systems
JoAnna Laiscell, Executive Director of Financial Management

Operations & Engagement

The Office of Operations & Engagement leads all aspects of district operations, encompassing facilities, security, food services and transportation, as well as the district’s Choice and Family & Community Engagement divisions, including our Welcome Center. The Office of Operations & Engagement champions the district’s Equity 2020 initiative, which seeks to engage the community at large to help the district develop a long-term plan that connects facilities, geography, academic alignment, and school choice to maximize resources and opportunities for our students.

Dr. Jose Colon-Rivas
Chief Operating Officer
Enid Rey, Executive Director of School Choice
860-695-8876 / 860-713-6994

Trish Moylan Torruella, Executive Director of Engagement

Facilities Department
Claudio Bazzano, Executive Director of Facilities
Food Services
Lonnie Burt, Director of Food Services
Joseph Sikora, Director of Security
Fred Till, Director of Transportation
Welcome Center
Marta Bentham, Senior Executive Director of Family Services and Ombudsman

School Improvement

The Office of School Improvement develops the leadership capacity of principals and supports the implementation of school improvement efforts. Under a coordinated service model, teams of central office staff work under the leadership of the Chief School Improvement Officer and the Assistant Superintendents for Instructional Leadership. Through their efforts, principals receive professional development and differentiated support to improve student outcomes. The School Improvement Office oversees the following school-based services:

Talent Management & Labor Relations

The Office of Talent Management & Labor Relations ensures that each school is led by an effective leader and that each leader has the support to develop and retain highly qualified teachers from recruitment to induction – and ultimately through their career path development. The Office of Talent Management & Labor Relations focuses on developing and supporting our “human capital” through various service including human resources, staffing, recruiting, professional learning, leadership development, performance management, and labor relations.

Core Areas of Service:
•    Human Resources

o    Recruiting
o    Hiring
o    Staffing

•    Professional Learning
•    Information/Data Management
•    Leadership Development
•    Performance Management

o    Evaluations

•    Labor Relations

Natasha Durrant
Executive Director of Human Resources

Loren Andreotta, Assistant to the Executive Director

Peter Dart
Assistant Superintendent for Talent Management

Tania Granco, Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

Jill Cutler-Hodgman
Chief Labor & Legal Officer

Hannah Mele-Andrews, Assistant to the Chief Labor and Legal Officer

Professional Development
Leadership Development
Performance Management
Compensation & Benefits
Labor Relations