Ali Joanna Acting Director of STEM 860-695-8733
Avicolli Tracy Director of Arts & Wellness 860-695-8818
Billington-Williams Rosa Executive Assistant to the Chief of Academics, Teaching & Learning 860-695-8734
Carullo Mario Director of Mathematics 860-695-8685
DiFedele-Dutton Anastasia Assistant Director of Professional Learning 860-695-8769
Executive Director, College & Career Readiness 860-695-8527
Fletcher Khary Director of Humanities 860-695-8754
Garcia Jeannette Executive Assistant 860-695-8840
Gonzalez-Aldave Maria District EL Coach 860-695-8661
Kellogg Michelle Assistant Director of Mathematics 860-695-8663
LeBrun Kimberly English Language Learners Coach
Martin Lauren District Transition Counselor 860-695-8707
Minga Elvis District EL Coach 860-695-8662
Negron Madeline Chief of Academics, Teaching & Learning 860-695-8833
Rice Marjorie District EL Coach 860-695-8629
Simmons Jennifer District Transition Counselor 860-695-8887
Taylor Justin Assistant Director of Educational Initiatives and Innovation 860-695-8646
Torres Daisy Director of English Learner Services 860-695-8649
Youmatz Stacey Lead Teacher for Early Childhood 860-695-8636