Abaaho Albert Senior Accountant 860-695-8701
Boss Becky Financial Analyst 860-695-427
Bouley Terri Ann Tuition Accountant 860-695-8507
Carey Nancy Senior Financial Planning & Grants Coordinator 860-695-8651
Colman Maureen Executive Director of Financial Management 860-695-8503
Gregory Jeliesa Financial Planning & Grants Management Coordinator 860-695-8762
Executive Director of Risk Management 860-695-8644
Henderson-Smith Felicia Financial Planning & Grants Coordinator 860-695-8568
Hyughebaert John Financial Systems Manager 860-695-8591
Katz Gregory Senior Accountant, Cash & Benefits 860-695-8807
Lee Bridgette Senior Risk Management & Wellness Coordinator 860-695-8497
Martin Susan Finance Analyst 860-695-8574
Morris Arlene Accounting Supervisor 860-695-8489
Rippington Jill Property & Casualty Insurance Manager 860-695-8496
Robinson Kaseem Finance Analyst 860-695-8705
Santiago-Rivera Dennisse Administrative Assistant to the Chief Operating and Financial Officer 860-695-8691
Soto-Santa Yamir Financial Planning & Grants Coordinator 860-695-8779
Truong Boi Senior Accountant
Williams Marc Director of Financial Planning & Grants Management 860-695-8693
Zachery Clarence Chief Operating and Financial Officer 860-695-8472