District Office To Be Reorganized To Better Support Schools

(Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2014) The Hartford Board of Education today approved a restructuring of the Hartford Public Schools Central Office, proposed by Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez in her first major response to the district Transition Report that was released on Oct. 20.
The Transition Report, which was prepared by a 12-member team of national, state and local experts, identified “Transformation of the Central Office” as one of six recurring themes cited in interviews and surveys with 1,700 members of the Hartford community as essential to addressing the district’s greatest needs and to taking it to new levels of success.
“When done correctly, a Central Office Transformation becomes a high-impact lever that yields great results,” Superintendent Narvaez said. “We believe this restructuring will elevate academics; accelerate student learning and decrease the variability of performance across and within schools; promote family and community partnerships; focus on communications and policy; and provide meaningful, reliable data that can be used to make sound decisions that impact teaching and learning.”
The reorganization will include the restoration of the position of Chief Academic Officer, who will concentrate on the core business of teaching and learning, which was cited in the Transition Report as an area that was lacking in focus. The Chief Academic Officer will also supervise Early Literacy, English Language Learning, College and Career Readiness, and Curriculum and Instruction, all of which had been housed in other departments.
The transformation also creates a position of Chief Data and Accountability Officer, whose functions will include overall supervision of the choice process, the development and use of assessments and other data to positively impact teaching and learning, and the design and implementation of relevant accountability processes and systems.
The six district portfolio directors, who presently supervise principals, will now be known as Associate
Superintendents for Instructional Leadership, under the direction of a Chief School Improvement Officer, to better reflect their roles and responsibilities in cultivating great principal leadership practices. The School Improvement Office will also be responsible for Adult Education Programming, Crisis Intervention Teams and the Safe School Climate Coordinator. A new position of Executive Director of Compliance has been created within the office to ensure that the district fulfills its state and federal Special Education requirements.
Meanwhile, the Office of Early Literacy and Parent Engagement will be changed to better reflect the work the district does with families and communities. Led by Chief Engagement and Partnerships Officer Deidre Tavera, this office will encompass family and community engagement, community partnerships and strategic partnership planning and development and implement the Dual Capacity Framework for Effective School-Community Partnerships adopted by the Federal Department of Education.
Additionally, the Office of Institutional Advancement will be renamed the Office of Communication and Public Policy to strengthen communications with all stakeholders and to allow the district to work with relevant partners and to better position itself as an influencer of local and national education policy.
The reorganization will include two new additions to the Central Office staff: Dr. Jeron T. Campbell as Chief Data and Accountability Officer, effective Dec. 8, 2014, and Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez as Associate Superintendent for Instructional Leadership, effective Jan. 2, 2015, to replace Kathleen England, who will be named Chief Academic Officer.
The Finance, Talent Management and Operations functions of the district will remain unchanged. All of the changes in the Central Office structure are reallocations of existing budgeted positions. No additional positions were created.

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