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Thanks to our families, our partners, and everyone in our district working together, we are on target in our transition work. All Family Information Nights and Open Houses have occurred for the 2018 school changes. We are polling families in transitioning schools to confirm all student placements in receiving schools for next year, including efforts to keep siblings together.

Our School Choice Office will soon be notifying families on the status of student placement, so we can and we will then begin work on ensuring all schools are resourced and staffed well, and we, as best we can, reunite students with the teachers they know and love. We will soon announce fun and informational events for families and students to welcome them in their new schools.

If you missed our 2018-2019 Budget presentation, you may watch it here, and explore our presentation below.

FY 18-19 BOE Budget Presentation 5 7 18 V2

We need your help!

We are asking YOU to help create our District Model for Excellence, to make ALL schools high-quality for ALL students.

Through this process, we need your help identifying our current needs and resources, understanding the priorities of our community, and offering different ways in which the district can be re-imagined. The result of our work will be improved outcomes for every Hartford student, while ensuring continued access to services and opportunities for all of our families and students.

Join us at the following upcoming public events, and come back to this site often for updates:

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Watch our four-part series, Great Schools for All Students that unpacks the Guiding Principles of our District Model of Excellence through discussions by Hartford Public Schools employees and community partners who are living the work.