The Hartford Public Schools District Model for Excellence

To showcase the District Model for Excellence, we have launched a series of four videos that highlight the work being done in the major priority areas of the District Model for Excellence: Teaching & Learning, Family & Community Partnerships, Operational Effectiveness, and School Climate & Culture.
The District Model of Excellence is Hartford Public Schools’ road map to success, and it is fundamentally changing the way our schools operate to ensure that all our beautiful and capable students can achieve.
The District Model of Excellence was approved by the Hartford Board of Education in January 2018. Each video focuses on one of the four major priorities that comprise the
model: Teaching and Learning, Family and Community Partnerships, Operational Effectiveness, and School Culture and Climate. The videos connect the District Model for Excellence’s priorities to the major goals:
  • Increase English Language Arts proficiency in grade 3
  • Increase graduation rates
  • Increase the number of Community Schools
  • Work toward a balanced and equitable budget
  • Decrease Chronic Absenteeism
  • Increase student perceptions of feeling safe & valued
The 2018-2019 school year was the first full year of implementation for the District Model for Excellence plan. The DME Strategic Operating Plan, established specific actions and performance indicators to measure the progress. HPS students, families, teachers, staff, administrators, and partners are working each day to make this ambitious plan a success.
The District Model for Excellence Strategic Operating Plan articulates how we are doing the work. These videos will help show the work and make it real to our constituents. They offer the viewer a window into Hartford Public Schools and provide a more comprehensive understanding of how the District Model for Excellence is being applied in our classrooms and in our schools.

Our Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Our Priorities & Objectives

Our Strategies & Major Goals

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Deliver a guaranteed and viable curriculum.
Use relevant and timely data for continuous improvement.


Increase ELA proficiency in grade 3 by 22%.
Increase graduation rate by 9%.

Teaching & Learning


Implement a holistic community school model.
Develop effective partnerships.


Increase the number of community schools in each zone

Family & Community Partnerships


Enhance effective two-way communications.
Achieve long-term sustainability through data-driven planning, implementations, and monitoring.


Work towards a balanced and equitable district budget.

Operational Effectiveness


Ensure all students and staff feel safe, valued, and respected.
Ensure all staff are equipped to support students’ physical and social-emotional needs.


Decrease chronic absence by 7%.
Increase student perceptions of feeling safe and valued.

School Culture & Climate

Strategic Operating Plan Presentation

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HPS_DME_SOP Slides-FINAL-10192018

Strategic Operating Plan Overview

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