Don’t Miss the “Dangers of the Mind” Social Emotional Community Forum

Don’t Miss the “Dangers of the Mind” Social Emotional Community Forum

How do we sustain Social-Emotional Learning in our communities?

DANGERS OF THE MIND is a multifaceted global empowerment platform and life-style brand with a mission to develop confidence and social-emotional skills amongst youth and young adults through dynamic education programs.



The DOM SEL Community Forum is designed to instill a growth mindset and help participants enhance SEL skills. The daylong forum will include a keynote, panel discussions, culturally responsive activities and breakout workshops for educators, parents, college students and teens to understand the SEL skills they need throughout their life span. The goal is to make sure that each group has the knowledge and tools to better infuse Social-Emotional Learning into their daily living and into the community.

We as an organization are fighting to make sure Social-Emotional Skills are embedded into our community not just in our schools. There will be programs for the entire community to take part in learning key Social-Emotional skills and having honest discussions about how we can sustain this in our homes and communities.