Twenty-seven Hartford Students Take Home Trophies in the Final Round of the Fifth Annual Hartford Public Schools Academic Competition

Spotlight on Excellence     June 2013


Twenty-Seven Hartford Students Take Home Trophies in the Final Round of the Fifth Annual Hartford Public Schools Academic Competition

Three of Batchelder's Grade 8 Geography teammembers enjoy the competition.
22 School Teams participated the final round of the 2013 Academic Competition.  Sixty-three elementary grade students and their families, representing 22 school teams, battled it out to see who will be the best at vocabulary, math, writing and geography in the final round of the Fourth Annual Hartford Public Schools Academic Competition.

The contest, hosted by the district’s Office of Academics, is designed to showcase student success in the instructional areas that are crucial to closing the achievement gap.

The event, an educational, fun and noisy affair where parents, teachers, principals and classmates come to root for their school teams, took place on Wednesday, May 9, 2013 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the main branch of the Hartford Public Library.

Hartford’s Academic Competition is a bracket-style clash where students compete in designated categories until city-wide champions emerge.  The road to the finals begins earlier in the year within the schools. Teachers and students form teams that challenge each other to see which teams will represent their school in the semi-final round. This year’s semi-finals were held last month at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on Windsor Street in Hartford.

Teams in the final round participated in the following grade categories: Third Grade Vocabulary, Fourth Grade Math, Fifth Grade Writing and Recitation, Sixth Grade Vocabulary, Seventh Grade Math, Seventh and Eighth Grade Geography and Eighth Grade Writing and Recitation.

Students in the vocabulary, math and geography categories compete in teams of five – three active members and two alternates. The moderator gives opposing teams the same question and the students have to write the correct answer on a white board before their time runs out.

The writing and recitation category is a solo competition where students are judged on their ability to communicate a composition to an audience. Students are given their prompt in the month of January and their presentations are scored for content, writing structure and syntax during the semi-finals and for articulation, clarity, rhythm and intonation during the final competition.

“ The Academic Competition is celebrated by the Hartford Public Schools community. Our students showcase their intellectual abilities and defy biased notions that urban students don't value high achievement." said Chief Academic Officer, Carole  R.Collins Ayanlaja.

The annual academic competition is underwritten by Mega Education®, under the direction of Attorney Jeffrey Dressler. “Academics have now become a team sport in Hartford!” Mr. Dressler said. “Mega Education® is elated to be a part of Hartford’s educational renaissance.”

The 2013 winners were presented with a large trophy and a banner for their category in a ceremony and banquet.

These are the 2013 Academic Competition Teams – the winners are indicated in green.


Grade 3 Vocabulary

Sanchez: (Danielisa Ortiz &  Zoa Hernandez)
Nysairy Soto
Kanani Lee- Delgado
Ruby Negron
Santonio Diaz
Aisha Ortiz

ESM:    (Christine Joslyn)    

Travis Farnham
Vaishnavi Josyula
Amina Shaban
Ariyana Frisbie
Alex Gonzalez

Global: (Candice Zubretsky)    

Darius Cicero
Soumil Kumar
Jaedyn Johnson
Seth Moore
Stephen Wilson

Capital Prep:    (Cristina Moreno)

Landon Cody
Damarre Joseph
Diamond Searight
Henry Zalaski
Marvin Boyles


Grade 4 Math

Kinsella: (Donna-Marie Campbell)
Claire Palmer
Yusuf Jlidi
Soraya Chanterelle
Jennifer Fomenko
Savanna Stebbins

ESM: (Jonathan Bauer & Christine Joslyn)
Kevin Braunwart
Nathan Michalski
Natalie Reeves
Keegan Miller
Mokshitha Chimbili

Breakthrough Magnet I: (Erin Baniak)
Mariela Vazquez
Geethika Salvador
Mercedes Salvador
Robert Burbank
Luke Allen

Capital Prep: (Brittany Halleck)

Allison Masthay
Camden Robertson
Emma Gordon
Addison Vardal
Jalen Dukes


Grade 5 Writing & Recitation

Jorge Ann Hewitt- Sanchez (Danielisa Ortiz)

Gilehishka Carrion- Breakthrough II (Terry Webber)
Jazmin Davis- Renzulli (Ruth Lyons)
Lizmarie Cruz- M.D. Fox (Angela Chagnon)


Grade 6 Vocabulary

SMSA: (James Mulholland)

Pearce Cannon
Kaitlyn Brouillard
Rachael Gasparini
Christian Harrington
Jazmin Contreras

SAND: (Audrey Harris) – Media Release Forms are done.

Madison Elbert
Dayshalee Williams
Zahir Akbar
Marcellus Rodriguez
Nayely Rodriguez

Kennelly: (June Cahill & Pheobe White)

Marques Kearson
Xayvion Rodriguez
Genesis Arroyo
Wilfredo Cordova

Capital Prep: (Latasha Quinones)

Sol Braxton
Melonie Jackson
Katelyn Robertson
Lataviah Bell
Megan Piechowicz

Grade 7 Math

Webster: (Ms. Witten & Rich Skowronski)

Juan Arango
Coral Tommervik
Devi Palaguachi
Daniel Tominovich
Kevin Done

ESM: (Peter Perriera)

Sudeepthi Rebbalapalli
Ronan Levy
Nicholas Maheux
Taylor Marchand
Serena Seepersaud

Renzulli: (Mona Teitelbaum)

Kimyri Clinton
Sanya Hewitt
Keondre Latimer

Classical: (James Hochdorfer)

Cameron Morosky
Lance Saddler
Gabby Kunzika
Isaac Teles-Rosario
Anna Essick

Grade 8 Geography

Webster: (Rich Edwards)

Domingo Delgado
Alex Murray
Olivia Hancock
Nyasia Hill
Tayhlor Williams

ESM: (Francie Sierra-Re)

Jacob Raimondo
Nick D’Onolfrio
Dawson Levine
Wyatt Plourde
Damian Velazquez

Batchelder: (Tim Field)

Amina Rustemovic
Lisa Nguyen
Eric Bueno
Aleeta Rampertab
Juqavies Phillips

Classical: (Lynn Roach)

Nkosi Johnson-Thornton
Olivia Eggers
Holly Weldon
Emma Cook
Yafari Boland


Grade 8 Writing & Recitation

Darah Deroly – Kennelly (Pheobe White)
Helen Roets – Kinsella (Tracy Saperstein)
Natalia Warburton – Wish (Dr. Wood)

Kiara Perez – Global (Desmond Caldwell)

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