Dwight-Bellizzi Asian Studies Academy’s Latest Works

SPOTLIGHT On EXCELLENCE    Issue 24     March 2013

Dwight-Bellizzi Asian Studies Academy's Latest Works

After 20 years of partnering with the Bushnell at the Dwight-Bellizzi Asian Studies Academy, our second grade, third grade and fourth grade teachers co-taught lessons that aligned to our East Asian theme.  Our second grade classrooms constructed clay models of the Great Wall of China and discussed the history, uses and scale of this amazing landmark.  They then displayed their mock “Great Wall” in front of the mural in the foyer of the school for all to see! Our third grade classrooms studied a writing unit on poetry where students infused elements of the East Asian culture into their sensory poems.  The third grade students then had the opportunity to perform alongside a quartet from the Hartford Symphony.  Students read their poems aloud while the musicians interpret the mood and tone of each piece bringing the poem to life. Our fourth grade students learned about an ancient monster named Nian, a Chinese New Year Legend.  The fourth graders created their own version of the legend focusing on descriptive and elaborative writing. The fourth grade visiting artist performed an interactive storytelling segment for our Kindergarten through Fourth grade to celebrate the Chinese New Year and their hard work!
For more information, contact Rose Higgins, Asian Studies Theme Coach at 860-695-2438.


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